2011 NFL Draft Profile: WR – Leonard Hankerson – Miami (FL)

If Mike Sims-Walker is not a member of the Jaguars next season, which is a very possible scenario, the Jaguars will be left with Mike Thomas, Jarett Dillard, Jason Hill and Kassim Osgood among other young talent. Not a terrible group, but nowhere in that receiver corps do I see a player that can be a #1 receiver for the offense.

With Miami receiver Leonard Hankerson you get that kind of potential. Unfortunately for me, I believe the amount of risk outweighs the price it would cost to draft Hankerson.

If a 1st, 2nd or 3rd round pick is spent on a receiver, I want to be sure that he has the athleticism required to be a team’s top receiver. While Hankerson has had troubles with drops and lack of focus, it’s his long strides and lack of burst that have me concerned. If Matt Jones taught me anything in the NFL, it’s that no matter how fast you are, it’s the burst off the line and in and out of breaks that allows a receiver to get open.

While Hankerson was able to make impressive catches and college and be productive, the transition to the NFL is much different. His 6’1, 205 pound frame isn’t elite. His 4.4-4.5 speed isn’t elite. His burst off the line isn’t elite. While he has the ability to make the insane catch, he can pull a ‘Braylon Edwards’ and drop an easy pass the very next play.

Finding Hankerson’s level of athleticism isn’t worth a 2nd round pick or even a 3rd round pick. A player like Lester Jean of Florida Atlantic offers the same amount of athleticism for a late, 6th or 7th, round pick.