2011 NFL Pro Days: Jaguars attend Northwestern Pro Day

Northwestern LB Quentin Davie

Amidst the media frenzy that was the Auburn Pro Day which even managed to overshadow Arkansas and Oklahoma, the pro days of schools like Northwestern, Fresno State, Minnesota and Fordham were overshadowed. However, they were not ignored by NFL teams. A report from Chris Emma of Scout.com’s Northwestern University site says that 28 NFL teams were in attendance for the Northwestern Pro Day. The only four teams not in attendance were the Patriots, Jets, Redskins and Cowboys.

Northwestern LB Quentin Davie has the best chance of getting drafted for NU and is likely the biggest draw for scouts looking at their players. DT Corbin Bryant is a player that will likely go undrafted, but should be signed as an undrafted free agent.

Most notable, though, is that Southern Illinois CB Korey Lindsey-Woods participated in the Northwestern Pro Day. Lindsey-Woods is a player the Jaguars have shown prior interest in. Lindsey-Woods ran his 40, but pulled out of the rest of the workouts because of a hamstring injury. He will participate in the Southern Illinois Pro Day later in March.