2011 Pro Days: 3/15 Attendance

Western Michigan S Jamail Berry

12:20 AM ET – The Beaver County Times reports that two teams showed up to Robert Morris University’s first ever Pro Day and the Jaguars were not one of them. The Steelers and the Eagles attended the RMU Pro Day, probably based more on geography more than anything, considering RMU is in Pittsburgh, PA.

10:45 PM ET – WVFM reports that there were five teams in attendance at the Western Michigan Pro Day, but the Jaguars were not one of them. The Patriots, Panthers, Packers, Browns and Cardinals were the teams there at the WMU Pro Day.

4:15 PM ET – Matt Dudek, a writer for the official Pittsburgh Panthers athletics site, tweeted that all 32 teams were present for the Pitt Pro Day.

With prospects like WR Jonathan Baldwin, DE Greg Romeus, DE Jabaal Sheard and OT Jason Pinkston it’s not particularly surprising.

3:50 PM ET – Florida G/C Mike Pouncey reportedly told Mark Long of the Associated Press that he expects to be drafted between picks 15-20 due to several meetings he has had with the Dolphins, Jaguars, Patriots, Giants and Buccaneers.

3:45 PM ET – According to Josh Buchanan, only the Browns showed up to the Eastern Kentucky Pro Day.

3:40 PM ET – A player consultant at the McNeese State Pro Day notes that four teams were in attendance: the Bears, Saints, Seahawks and Falcons. It’s doubtful that a McNeese State player will be drafted, although FS Malcolm Bronson could be a prospect that makes a training camp.

1:10 PM ET – Bo Marchionte reports that nine teams attended the Air Force Pro Day on Monday, but the Jaguars were not one of those teams. The teams in attendance were the Bills, Titans, Broncos, Giants, Browns, Jets, Colts, Saints and Packers.

It is unlikely that any Air Force players get drafted, although CB Reggie Rembert will probably earn himself a spot in a training camp.

12:10 PM ET – Geoff Mosher of The News Journal of Wilmington tweets that the Jaguars are one of the teams at the Delaware Pro Day. In all likelihood, to look at Delaware’s QB Pat Devlin.

Devlin is a 6’3, 225 transfer student from Penn State, that is considered a mid-to-late round draft prospect. Other teams in attendance according to Mosher are the Bengals, Packers, Buccaneers, Falcons, Eagles, Giants, Jets, Bills, Lions and Dolphins

12:00 PM ET – Multiple reports, including one from the Montana Kaimin, indicate that the Jaguars were not present at the Montana Pro Day. The teams listed are the Panthers, Browns, Colts, Chiefs, Dolphins, Giants, Eagles, Seahawks and the British Columbia Lions of the CFL.

11:55 AM ET – A picture posted by Action Sports 360 shows the man himself, Gene Smith, is in attendance at the Florida Pro Day.

Barring some kind of miracle, the prospect who will be the first Gator drafted in April will be Mike Pouncey, brother of Pro Bowl center, Maurkice Pouncey. Other prospects include S Ahmad Black and OT Marcus Gilbert, both expected to go in the middle or late rounds of the draft.