2011 Pro Days: Jaguars Attendance 3/9

Texas A&M LB Von Miller

UPDATE 11:30 PM ET – A photo from the Oklahoma Pro Day on SoonerSports.com shows a Jaguars scout verifying numbers with other scouts in attendance.

UPDATE 11:15 PM ET – The Jaguars were in attendance at the Wisconsin Pro Day according to Madison.com. Apparently the Cincinnati Bengals were the only team that didn’t attend.

10:15 PM ET – There’s too many pro days going on to break them apart into separate posts, so I’m going to put all the information I found in a single post.

The Jaguars attended the Alabama, Texas A&M and Fordham pro days. ESPN reported earlier that the Jaguars attended Fordham’s Pro Day and spoke with TE Stephen Skelton before his workouts.

The Crimson White, the official newspaper of the University of Alabama, reports that the Jaguars were one of the teams in attendance.

Finally a video posted on AggiesAthletics.com showed Jaguars scout Chris Prescott in attendance at the Texas A&M Pro Day.

The Jaguars passed on Colorado State’s Pro Day via CSURams.com, BYU’s Pro Day via The Herald Extra, Rhode Island’s Pro Day via GoRhody.com and Oklahoma State’s Pro Day via Scout.com.