2011 Pro Days: Jaguars pass on Wyoming Pro Day

Wyoming S Chris Prosinski

A local newspaper writer, Robert Gagliardi, that was in attendance for the Wyoming Pro Day reports that five teams were in attendance, but the Jaguars were not one of them. With eight scouts in attendance the teams there were the Denver Broncos, Philadelphia Eagles, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Buffalo Bills and New York Giants. The Broncos reportedly had three scouts at the event.

The most notable player from Wyoming is safety Chris Prosinski who is fighting to earn a spot in the later rounds of the draft. Prosinski is 6’0, 201 pounds and runs a 40 in the late 4.3, early 4.4 range. Also participating at the pro day was 5’10, 194 pound cornerback Marcell Gipson and 6’1, 204 pound receiver David Leonard. Gipson and Leonard are both very unlikely to be drafted and will have to fight their way into a training camp.