5 Things: Just Get the Win

This Sunday the Jaguars play host to the league’s #1 defense, the Cincinnati Bengals. Here’s 5 things the Jaguars need to do to win the game.

1) Score
I know that this is a real “rocket scientist” thing to say, but the Jaguars have to find ways to score. I don’t believe for a second that the Bengals defense is as good as their amount of yards given up per game would lead me to believe. The Jaguars will likely try to get back to a balanced attack, and that could be enough to get the win.

2) Be Safe
The Jaguars need to hang onto the football. They need to have a no-turnover game. Look, the Bengals aren’t nearly as bad as I thought they would be, but I still don’t think they’re a very good team. The Jaguars can probably win the game off of playing a smart game. That includes punting it away instead of throwing interceptions.

3) Get a Turnover
The Jaguars haven’t been nearly as poor on defense this season as they were last season, and they’ll need their defense on Sunday. If the Jaguars can set their offense up with some short fields, points should follow, and the Jaguars can finally get a win. Turnovers will be key, and the Bengals are playing a rookie quarterback. There should be opportunities for big plays.

4) Josh Scobee
Scobee has been one of the bright spots for the Jaguars so far this season. They’ll likely need him to knock through some field goals to win this game. Look for his leg to be important, especially in the 4th quarter.

5) Out-coach the Bengals
The Jags’ coaching staff has been heavily criticised this season, especially for their offensive game plans. I don’t exactly view the Bengals’ coaches as the cream of the crop, and it should give Del Rio and Koetter a chance to show off their own coaching talents. On the other hand, if they botch a major situation here, they could be looking for new jobs in a hurry.

Make no mistake about it. This is a make or break game for the Jaguars. This is, in my opinion, their first “must win” game of the season. Let’s see if they can step it up.

Shane Clemons

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