A Quick Introduction

As most of you know by now, Adam Stites is headed back to Big Cat Country, and he asked me if I would be interested in taking over the site after he left. Quite frankly, I’m honored to have been offered the position here at The Jaggernaut. Adam built a great site from the very earliest days. In his short run, he established this site as one of my daily stops for Jaguars news and opinions.

Most of you probably are already familiar with me, but if you’re not, here you go. I write for Big Cat Country and AFC South Daily. I’ll be leaving BCC at the end of the month to focus on this site, but I’ll continue writing about the division over at AFCSD.

I realize that some of you probably won’t stick around with Adam moving on, and that’s okay. I understand, but I would like you to give us a chance here too. It’s a work-in progress, and there will be some small changes on the site in the coming weeks.

Now, here’s the ways you can keep up with The Jaggernaut. We have a Facebook page. It’s the same one that the site has always had and you can like it here. You can follow me on Twitter. I’ll post links to all my new articles on Facebook and Twitter, so it’s a great way to keep up with The Jaggernaut.

Finally, I want to throw out an offer to anyone to email me questions. The contact form has been updated, as well as all the follow buttons on the right. Send me any questions you have about me, the site, or the team. If I get enough, it’ll turn into a mailbag post, but I’ll respond in some way to every question I get. My email address is smaclemons@gmail.com (or just click contact and fill out the form).

I’m excited to be here, and I can only hope to fill a portion of the very large shoes I’m supposed to be filling. I hope The Jaggernaut remains one of your daily stops for Jaguars news.

Shane Clemons

About Shane Clemons

Shane Clemons came from humble beginnings creating his own Jaguars blog before moving on to SBNation as a featured writer for the Jaguars. He then moved to Bloguin where he briefly covered the AFC South before taking over Bloguin's Jaguars blog. Since the inception of This Given Sunday, Shane has served as an editor for the site, doing his best not to mess up a good thing.