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Some extreme foresight would have been required for me to have realized that taking a vacation for the past 8 days was a bad idea, but it happened, and now I’m back. I realize that I have a lot of catching up to do, so; my first stop was the NFL transaction report, which; can be viewed here. Since I know that some of you aren’t completely caught up/up to date, here is what the Jaguars have done since the lockout ended with regards to signing draft picks, cutting players, signing free agents, etc. (Note: The transactions report only shows signings and cuts that are official i.e. Dawan Landry isn’t on the list yet).

Jacksonville Jaguars – 7/30

Drew Coleman (CB) signed/unrestricted free agent.

Jacksonville Jaguars – 7/29

Jason Spitz (G) signed/unrestricted free agent.
Vince Manuwai (G) cut.
Clint Session (LB) signed/unrestricted free agent.
Courtney Greene (S) re-signed/exclusive rights free agent.
Tyron Brackenridge (CB) cut.
Derrick Harvey (DE) cut.
William Middleton (CB) re-signed/exclusive rights free agent.
Leger Douzable (DT) re-signed/exclusive rights free agent.
Paul Posluszny (LB) signed/unrestricted free agent.
Scott Riddle (QB) cut.
Nate Collins (DT) re-signed/exclusive rights free agent.
Zach Potter (TE) re-signed/exclusive rights free agent.

Jacksonville Jaguars – 7/28

Justin Smiley (G) cut.
Will Rackley (G) signed/draft choice (four-year contract).
Sifa Etu (G) signed.
Andrew Lewis (DT) signed.
Cecil Shorts (WR) signed/draft choice (four-year contract).
Rod Issac (CB) signed/draft choice (four-year contract).
Blaine Gabbert (QB) signed/draft choice (four-year contract (fifth-year option)).
Chris Prosinski (S) signed/draft choice (four-year contract).

Jacksonville Jaguars – 7/26

Scott Riddle (QB) signed.
Cole Brodie (CB) signed.
JoJo Dickson (LB) signed.
Matt Estrada (S) signed.
Brandon Harper (G) signed.
Mark Schiechl (DE) signed.
Jamar Newsome (WR) signed.
Brian Saunders (P) signed.
Armon Binns (WR) signed.
Troy White (G) signed.
DuJuan Harris (RB) signed.
Kyle Miller (TE) signed.
Jalil Johnson (CB) signed.
Tommy Gallarda (TE) signed.
Richard Murphy (RB) signed.
T.J. Heath (CB) signed.
Eric Gordon (LB) signed.
Michael Lockley (LB) signed.
Odrick Ray (DE) signed.
Cameron Bradfield (T) signed.
Greg Ellingson (WR) signed.
Kevin Rutland (CB) signed.
Scott Lutrus (LB) signed.
Dontrelle Inman (WR) signed.

Jacksonville Jaguars – 7/25

Kirk Morrison (LB) declared free agent.
Sean Considine (S) declared free agent.
Trent Edwards (QB) declared free agent.
Adam Podlesh (P) declared free agent.
Mike Sims-Walker (WR) declared free agent.
Bryan Smith (LB) declared free agent.
Justin Durant (LB) declared free agent.
Todd Bouman (QB) declared free agent.

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