Another Mock Draft Participation

I participated in a mock draft among various fans and student journalists that one of my fellow classmates organized. They had no place to publish the draft so I put it on an old blog of mine that is no longer in use.

Check the draft here.

I made the Jaguars pick this morning.

The draft is ongoing, so check back for more updates.

Read more for my analysis of the draft thus far, and for the Jaguars pick.

Through pick 19
So through pick 19, the draft has a couple of surprises and a couple of common things that are expected. First off, the  first pick caught me off guard. I am pretty certain that Newton or Gabbert are going number one overall (consensus changes week to week). I understand why they did it though. The team is in shambles and maybe they want to see Clausen one more season before giving him the boot.

The second pick puzzels me as well. Why would Denver be picking a 3-4 OLB? I think Da’Quan Bowers should have been the pick there.

And this brings me to the Jaguars. With Bowers, Ryan Kerrigan and Jimmy Smith still onthe board my first thought was this is going to be difficult. But then I put on the old Gene Smith thinking cap and quickly realized who this pick will be in this situation. Jimmy Smith has the talent no doubt about that, but he also has character concerns that have crushed his draft stock. I don’t think Gene would take the chance after two successful drafts.

Bowers and Kerrigan both have their strengths over the other. Bowers has more talent and athleticism, but he is more injury prone and some people think he takes plays off.

I went with Kerrigan. He has a motor that is similar to Alualu and Kampman, which will make our pass rush much more tenacious. He is a four year starter with plenty of experience, he is a leader and he is what many regard as a high character guy. He is everything that fits the Gene Smith model and would be an above average to great defensive end for a decade.