Are we there yet?


Honestly, no we’re not.  Not yet anyway.  Now is NOT the time to throw McCown under the bus.  Yes he threw 4 INTs, but he deserves a chance to redeem himself.  After all, we gave David Garrard 4 years of chances right.  Luke McCown will start again and will play better.  Yes, Blaine Gabbert is the future of this team.  We all know it.  McCown knows it.  But the future can wait a few more games at least.  Many people will point out the McCown went 6 of 19 for 59 yards with 4 INTs and no TDs while Gabbert went 5 of 6 for 52 yards with no INTs and no TDs.  They will say that Gabbert can give us the same effort as McCown without making any mistakes.  Wrong, Gabbert is still a rookie and will make rookie mistakes.  But do the Jaguars need to make a change at QB this soon?  Many fans will tell you that they would rather see the Jaguars struggle with Gabbert at the helm instead of watching McCown lead the team to a bad record.  They will also point out that other rookie Qbs are playing now & playing well.

Gabbert will get his chance.  There is no denying it.  Let Luke try again, if he fails then Blaine will be put back in ( sooner than the 4th quarter too).  Then Blaine will be made the starting QB.  We all know that Gabbert will be the best of his class.  Fellow rookie QBs Cam Newton & Andy Dalton are already starting for their teams.  They are putting up good numbers, but have only 1 win to show for it.  Gabbert will not be throwing for 400 plus yards a game like Newton is, but then he doesn’t have too.  The Jaguars have a better defense & a better RB than the Panthers do.  Dalton has a better # 1 WR in A.J. Green, but not much else.  The Jaguars will be ok, just relax.  I had some fun with the whole “WTF button ” article, but seriously……this team will get better.  Gabbert will be the starter sooner rather than later.  The WR corps will get better too.  Newsome, Dillard, Thomas, Hill and newly acquired Chastin West (from the Packers practice squad) will get more catches.  The defense is already solid.  The O-Line needs to play better.  Hopefully, Eben Britton’s return will help that.  the running game will benefit from a better passing game.  Remember, the Jags didn’t have Marcedes Lewis or Jason Hill playing.  Just saying.

Gabbert doesn’t look like the NFL will overwhelm him at all.  He has shown confidence and poise in the pocket.  He reminds some fans of a young Tom Brady.  While I’m not going to compare him with Brady just yet, he definitely has the look of a top NFL QB to be.  The season is not lost due to one lop-sided loss.  The Jaguars had four of these type of games last year and still were fighting for the division title towards the end.  By no means should any Jaguars fan be happy with the performance against the Jets, but no true fan should be giving up yet either.  Please be patient.  I know it’s easier said than done.

Some day soon we will all be celebrating & high-fiving each other about how great our QB is.  He will bring us the respect we’ve been waiting for.  He will lead this team to many victories.  Maybe we’ll even get to watch ESPN and they will actually show real Jaguars highlights & not just talk about the other team or show highlights form all the other games and not even mention the Jags.  ESPN has literally done this week in & week out for years.  Gabbert will change all of that.  He will be in interviews for the NFL network & ESPN.  They will not be able to pretend that the Jaguars don’t exist anymore.  Hell, he might even be on the cover of Madden NFL someday.