Austen Lane Impresses Early

It seems like every team always has one or two players that come out of nowhere, and they end up being an impact player. The Jaguars may have found their player that fits the bill. Austen Lane.

Now it’s true that Austen Lane didn’t come completely out of nowhere. He’s not blindsiding anyone that payed close attention to the Jaguars last season, but his reviews since showing up for camp have been nothing short of raving.

John Oehser of praised Lane saying in a recent article:

“Lane reported in outstanding shape and has shown quickness, speed and strong pass-rushing technique early. He also deservedly is working with the starters. Too early to go overboard, but really good teams have a few players in their core who weren’t first-round picks and who weren’t premium free agents.”

It’s beginning to seem as though Austen Lane may be the man that plays opposite of Aaron Kampman. Considering the reports coming in, I’m okay with that.

From the competitive perspective, the pressure that Lane is putting on the others in contention for that starting position is great. Some people respond well to competition, and it would seem as though Austen Lane is one of those guys. Should he be able to continue to impress, he’ll earn himself a starting position, and he’ll no doubt help the Jaguars pass rush going forward.

Shane Clemons

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