Austen Lane: The Blue Ghost

For all the hype surrounding Jacksonville Jaguar DE Austen Lane, he completely disappeared on thursday night against the Patriots. Not only did he get absolutely no pressure on back-up QB Brian Hoyer, he flat out got stone-walled every time.  When he didn’t get stone-walled he was push out of the play with ease.  So much for the idea of an improved Lane blasting through O-lines en route to sack after sack.  Apparently working out with mentor and Jaguars team member Arron Kampman didn’t quite transform lane into the monster DE we all hoped for.  What happened to the 2nd year player we all heard about tossing Eben Britton around during the Oklahoma drill in training camp?

Austen should concentrate more on making plays & less on tweeting to friends & fans.  Tweets don’t get you sacks bro. Put your phone down and man up.  Austen has the ability to become a dominate DE for the Jags if he really applies himself.  I don’t know why he had such a poor showing in the 1st preseason game, but he seemed to not have that quick first step and power that we saw in camp.  I’m not saying he can’t bounce back, but he better bounce back REAL BIG.  He wasn’t the only one not to get pressure.  The D-line got not sack at all.  They did hit the QBs, but the ball was already thrown by the time contact was made.  Tyson Alualu was the only player who looked like he actually was trying on the front 4.  Morgan did nothing, Kampman didn’t even make the trip to New England.  Knightson didn’t play cause he was till too big of a potroast.  D’Anthony Smith didn’t fare any better than Lane did either. Newly acquired DE Matt Roth won’t help Lane climb the depth chart, in fact he will push lane down to a back-up role.

I read somewhere back in July that Austen Lane tweeted about playing Pac-Man and making an interesting discovery.  He tweeted “The Blue ghost is a full-blown joke. I mean constantly going in the wrong direction, loafing (football term for slacking on a play) and half the time he is hanging in the corner by himself. I don’t know who scouted this guy but that person needs to be fired and stripped of all unemployment benefits. Through my disbelief of this blue clown it finally dawned on me… Without the weak link, the good people wouldn’t look so good. So this is a tribute to the weak links of the world. Without them… No one would be shining. don’t be a blue ghost”.

While I don’t think Austen is in any way a full-blown joke at DE, he did seem to be constantly going in the wrong direction, loafing (Slacking on a plays all night) and hanging around by himself watching as the RB blew past him time & again.  We all know who scouted Austen Lane & he should NOT be stripped of any benefits.  Without Austen being a weak link on Thursday, good players like back-ups Brock Bolen, Kyle Bosworth, Deji Karim and Jacob Cutrera wouldn’t look so good….so thanks for taking one for the team Austen.  Without you, no one would be shining.  Seriously though, stop being a blue ghost Austen.

Austen lane has great potential to be a very good DE for the Jags. He has learned from a dominate player at the position in Kampman.  Austen Lane needs to bring the pain.  The only pain he brought on Thursday was the pain of forcing the fans to have to endure his utter lack of play making ability.  Can he turn it around?  Sure he can, and he will.  Thursday was obviously a night Austen and all of us want to forget forever.  He can’t continue to not show up in games.  I seriously doubt that he won’t make the necessary changes needed by week 1 of the regular season.  He is too important to the plans of the Jaguars not to.  I think he will become the teal deal for real & not the blue ghost he tweeted about.