Buying Jaguars Tickets Needs to be a Fundamental Decision

To start this short article off, I should explain my definition of a “fundamental decision.” This will help everyone stay on the same page for the rest of the piece; so here it is:

Fundamental decision: This is a key decision that influences other, less important, decisions in your life. An example of this would be a person’s religion. Time is often designated for religious practice that is left un-interfered by other decisions and events.

Now, I’m not saying that fans should make being a Jaguars fan equal to practicing religion. Religion is an individual choice, and I am only using that as an example because it gets to the point. Here’s my point. Buying tickets shouldn’t be a spur of the moment thing. The time to go to the games and the money needed to be able to go should be set aside far in advance in a way that is less flexible than other decisions.

The Jaguars have been going down to the wire for far too long in regards to ticket sales. This week is no different. Yesterday, it seemed clear that the Jaguars game agains the Bengals would be blacked out, but with less than 3,500 tickets left to sell today, that doesn’t seem like such a certainty. If they could pull through this week without a blackout, it would be great, but it doesn’t solve the primary issue here.

I’m an out of market guy; so it’s easy for me to point the finger saying, “Why don’t you buy tickets? If I were there, I’d be at every game!” While I would like to believe that I’d be at every game, that’s most likely not true, and you know it as well as I do. This I can promise you. I’d try to go to as many games as I could. Football is one of my passions, and I don’t get to many games, but I enjoy each and every one that I actually get to see live.

I hate to beat the old go-buy-tickets drum, but wouldn’t you like to be one of the people that can say, “I was there when Gabbert was a rookie.” I’m hoping to get to the November game between the Jags and Colts in Indy. If I had a way to be at Everbank Field on Sunday, I’d be there. If you CAN be there, you SHOULD be there.

Update 2:05 PM EST: Ashley Gurbal Kritzer of the Jacksonville Business Journal is reporting that the Jaguars have partnered with Anheuser-Busch to avoid a blackout of this weekend’s game against the Cincinnati Bengals. While the move is welcomed, it doesn’t change the fact that Jacksonville needs to step up and BUY tickets. I guarantee that this won’t happen every week, as it shouldn’t.

Shane Clemons

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