Can the Jags stop Cam?

Yes and no.  They can stop him by keeping him on the sideline as much as possible, but he will still throw for alot of yards against the Jaguars defense.  He will make a few mistakes that hopefully the Jags can capitalize on.  He has no running game to help him out, unlike Gabbert.  The Panthers defense won’t be able to bail him out either. They are without LBs Jon Beason & Thomas Davis for the rest of the season due to injury.  They may also be without RT Jeff Otah, who is recovering from a concussion.  But Cam can & will throw the ball.  Will he throw for 400 plus yards again?  I doubt it, maybe more like 200-300 yards with a TD & two INTs thrown in.  The Jaguars defense should match-up well against the Panthers passing attack.  The Jags will dominate the run game, which is key to them coming out of Carolina with a win.

The Jaguars need 4 things to get a win in my opinion.  1:Blaine Gabbert needs to play mistake free most of the game. 2: MJD needs to run the rock & kill the clock.  3: Marcedes Lewis needs to play.  He is a big target & he can help immensely with blocking for Gabbert & MJD. 4: The WRs need to get more separation than they have in the first 2 games.  I think the defense will be fine against the Panthers & I believe that the Jags O-line will protect Gabbert better than they protected McCown last week.  This will be a great game to watch as the top 2 QBs from the draft go head to head. 

I think that the Jaguars defensive front four wil get pressure on Cam & register a few sacks.  Though for the most part I see them chasing him around, making him throw on the run.  Cam is quick, big & strong & the Jaguars will have to be on top of their game to contain him…..because stopping him may be too tall of an order.  He still has pro-bowler Steve Smith to pass to as well as former Bears player TE Greg Olsen.  He can also pass to Shockey, Lafell and Naanee or he can just take off running for a TD.  The Panthers O-line is banged up, so Alualu & company should be able to get pressure on Newton.

The Jaguars will have to take the “Peyton Approach” to win this game.  Run out the clock while he sits on the sideline.  Keep their offense off the field for as long as possible while MJD & Gabbert put together long, time-consuming possessions that result in a score.  Force Cam to make bad decisions as he plays catch-up with time running out.  No offense to Josh Scobee, but we need TDs, not FGs.  I expect Blaine to throw it more than MCown did & have better results.  No way does Blaine throw 4 picks.  I say Blaine ends the day with around 200 yards & 2 TDs and maybe a pick (let’s hope not).

MJD will easily get over 100 yards and should be good for a couple of TDs too.  This is a winnable game for the Jags.  I hope they do, cause I got a feeling that they’re gonna get sliced & diced & turned into gumbo by the Saints.  But first…….ALL ABOARD THE BLAINE TRAIN, first stop Carolina.  And nothin’ could be finea than a victory in Carolina.