Captain Jack’s vanilla cloud of dust

If the Jaguars go into the season playing this bad, he WILL BE FIRED before the halfway point of the season. Del Rio’s lack of ability to create different flavors on offense & always falling back on his vanilla play calling will doom this team.  We were promised “No more 3 yards and a cloud of dust”, but Del Rio seems unwilling to commit to letting the QBs just throw the damn ball more.  Teams know that the Jags want to run the ball, but running in for no gain on 3 straight plays and then punting it back to them makes no sense at all, even with MJD.  I do believe that the Jaguars will get better on offense & defense, but it apparently won’t happen until Dirk Koetter takes over as head coach.  It’s kinda sad, cause I actually like Jack, but he’s had 8 years and we still see the same old, tired, unimaginative, boring and yes…..very vanilla play calling.  I was very glad when Mr. Weaver took all the defensive play calling away from Jack and gave it all to Mel Tucker.

Jack was a fearsome linebacker in his playing days & I was all for hiring him as a head coach, but his ship has sailed……and it has been slowly taking on water for the past 8 years and may very well end up sunk before this season is over.  I just don’t see any way for poor ol’captian Jack to keep his job and his first mate “Smiley” Garrard will be walking the plank with him.  I have said it before and I’ll say it again.  Dirk Koetter is the Jaguars new head coach in waiting and I won’t be surprised if Blaine Gabbert is the starting QB before the season ends.  Garrard has looked shaky at best so far in camp. Hopefully he does better in a preseason game or the only locker he’ll have his jersey hanging in will be Davey Jone’s.  I have no doubt that Mel Tucker will have this defense up & rolling by week 1, but Del Rio needs to let Dirk Koetter have more control of the offense.  We need to see more double TE formations to take advantage of defenses.  We need better pass plays to draw linebackers away from the line a scrimmage so that MJD isn’t rushing against 11 guys in the box.  We’ve all heard Jack say “no more clouds of dust” and that he will be committed to opening up the playbook, but it’s been 8 years.   What Happened to “Gambling Jack”?  How did we get stuck with “Vanilla Jack”?

Gambling Jack went for it on 3rd down.  Vanilla Jack is content to run the ball into a wall of defenders and punt it away.  I’m all for punting the ball in hopes the defense stuffs the other team and gives Gabbert better field position, but if Del Rio doesn’t pull his head out of his butt and start calling plays that will move the ball on offense, fans will continue to see only a vanilla cloud of dust in Jacksonville.  He should have cut 43 year old Matt Turk.  He couldn’t kick his way out of a wet paper bag.  He made a mistake cutting WR John Matthews too.  He should have gotten rid of WR Tiquan Underwood.  Underwood has blazin, speed with hands of stone.  Not a good combination.  Hell, at least Matthews could catch some passes.  How do players like Bouman, Turk & Underwood stay on the roster?  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that they suck. 

Aren’t Del Rio & GM Gene supposed to be making this team better?  Please explain to the fans how signing washed-up, has-been players like “tractor trash” Bouman helps this team grow.  It’s like taking 1 step forward and then 3 steps back.  Let the rookies play Jack.  Quit cutting UDFA rookies a week after you sign them and giving their roster spots to players with liver spots.  Like actor Will Smith said in his Men In Black movie, ” I drive the new hotness, you drive the old & busted”.   We want to see the new hotness Jack, not that same old & busted joint that you’ve been driving around Jacksonville for 8 years.  You have been wasting the talents of great players like Jones-Drew, Marcedes Lewis, Mathis & Daryl Smith.  Please don’t throw away the talents of  Blaine Gabbert, Thomas, Rackley, Session, Landry, Paul Posluszny & Cecil Shorts as well.  Get it done or hit the road Jack.

Gene Smith has done a great job of purging the crap from this team since taking over as GM.  Maybe it’s time for someone to take over as head coach too. Rebuilding a team shouldn’t be limited to just the players. The coaches have to be held accountable as well, especially the head coach.  Captian Jack’s vanilla cloud of dust needs to go.  They have thrown big money at big name players whom didn’t do anything in return. They have traded away multiple draft picks for bench warmers.  I know full well that Shack Harris made those decisions, but do you really believe that Del Rio wasn’t sitting right next to him and approving every deal that went down?  Garrard will not lead us to the Superbowl, let alone a division title.  It’s real simply people……Gabbert & Koetter, new hotness……Garrard & Del Rio, old & busted.  Gabbert & Koetter should take a line from Will Smith & tell Del Rio & Garrard ” You know the difference between you and us, we make this look good”.