Chargers Visit Jacksonville In What Could Be Norv Turner’s Last Game As The Chargers’ Head Coach

Norv Turner is likely on his way out of San Diego at the end of the season if not sooner.

The Jaguars will get their second shot at prime time this Monday night at Everbank field. As you may remember, the Jaguars completely shut the Ravens down when they visited Everbank earlier in the year. This time, the atmosphere will be much different.

Against the Ravens, the Jaguars were still playing with hope for the postseason. It was a must-win game, and they pulled it out with out-of-this-world defense. Now, there will certainly not be a postseason birth for the Jaguars (unless something really REALLY crazy happens over the next 5 games). This time, the Jaguars are focused completely on the future. It will be Mel Tucker’s first game as the Jaguars’ head coach.

As a potentially new era begins in Jacksonville, another may be coming to an end in San Diego. The Chargers, once at 4-1 this season, are now 4-7, and it’s all but certain that the Norv Turner era is over. A.J. Smith, the Chargers’ GM, will likely follow Turner out the door as that team begins the process of rebuilding their coaching staff/personnel department and retooling their roster. It’s the perfect clash of new and old. Incoming and outgoing. It’s a compelling story.

Unfortunately, it’s all but certain that the play on the field won’t be so compelling. It’s likely that Jon Gruden and Jaws will talk the entire game about the Jaguars’ young team, Mel Tucker taking over, Norv Turner’s troubles, and Philip Rivers’ inability to not turn the ball over.

I would encourage everyone reading this to consider muting your TV for the game, unless of course you’re at the game (and that’s better yet), or go to a sports bar. Don’t pay too much attention to what the commentators may say about the Jaguars or the city of Jacksonville. Just enjoy watching the Jags under the lights at Everbank. Dawn is breaking on the Jaguars’ franchise, and you can’t help but feel the optimism flowing from the team and its fans.

Shane Clemons

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