Colt Killers 2.0



                    Okay, Okay…..So my wish list of free agents that I hoped the Jaguars would sign in free agency didn’t happen (except for getting Clint Session from Indy).  And just for the record, I still think they should have tried to sign CB AntonioCromartie.  Not to say that Drew Coleman can’t become a very solid CB for the Jags. He does have pretty good stats.  I think that Posluszny and Rudd are basically the same type of linebacker, Rudd is just faster.  We’ll all find out quickly which is better seeing as how Rudd signed with the Titans.  I really like that the Jags signed Spitz away from Green Bay.  He should start right away and can play center or guard.  This is especially important now that BIG Vinny has been released. Hopefully he can get healthy and resign for less money.


                     I know the Jaguars lost out on Safety Eric Weddle, but there is just no way anyone can justify the contract he was given to return to San Diego.  Besides, Dawan Landry is very good in his own right.  Hopefully playing with the likes of Ray Lewis & Ed Reed has rubbed off on him.  I’d love to see him bring that take no prisoners, smack you in the mouth intensity that the Ravens are known for.  I don’t see that being hard to accomplish with Smith, Posluszny & Session destroying any wide receiver or running back unlucky enough to get past the d-line or run a route over the middle. 

                     I also really like the way DE Austin Lane has improved.  He and Kampman should be the starting DEs with UDFA Marc Schielchl and Mincey as the backups.  D’Anthony Smith is back and will definitely help Knighton & Alualu cause some major disruption in opposing teams backfields.  That will be a tough front seven for any offense to overcome, which will only further help the secondary. Keep your eyes on two other UDFAs as well, WR Armon Binns from Cincinnati & RB DuJuan Harris out of Troy.  They’ll end up on the practice squad, but they could become big time offensive weapons if given the chance.

                     In closing , I think the Jaguars have improved across the boards.  Their defense should be greatly improved and we will see more sacks, more turnovers and better tackling.  On offense, the o-line should be solid and be able to give Garrard more time to find his receivers and keep his backside off the turf.  I may be in the minority here, but I think the Jaguars will be fine with the receivers that they have and , barring injury, shouldn’t need to address the position until the next draft.  Thomas, Hill, Shorts, Lewis, Miller and Underwood should be more than enough.  I want Underwood to make the team just so I can watch him score a touchdown, take off his helmet, show us all that crazy high-top fade of his and do the old Kid N Play dance in the end zone…….so worth an penalty flag being thrown.