Colt Killers


Every year it seems that the Jacksonville Jaguars run into the same problem, how to sweep the Colts and claim the AFC South title.  In recent years the Jaguars have been able to split the series with their divisional foes, but what do they need to do in order to not only defeat Indy, but to become dominate over them year in & year out.  “Wait until Peyton Manning retires” is the usual response. However, I like many fans, find it tough to be patient.  I want the Jaguars to rip that title from the cold, defeated hands of the Indianapolis Colts and then stomp a mud hole in their chests and walk in dry and I want them to do it now.  I know this may not happen, but what if the Jags could get certain players in free agency that always seem to be able to get into Manning’s head?  Players that frustrate him and cause turnovers at critical times during big games. Players that have the Colts Number.  Maybe, just maybe the Jaguars could turn the tide and become the thorn in Indy’s side.  Enter the Colt Killers.

It is no secret that the Jaguars covet San Diego Chargers free agent safety Eric Weddle, and with good reason. Not only does he instantly upgrade the secondary of the Jaguars defense, but he also has become one of the NFL players that seem to be able to come up with big turnovers against Peyton’s onslaught of aerial accuracy.  Last year he got 2 in the same game and in the process slammed the door on any Colt comeback.  Weddle as amassed 358 tackles (295 were solo).  He also has 4 sacks, 6 interceptions, 28 passes defended & has taken 2 turnovers to the house for a TD.  He is a solid safety and should end up in Jacksonville, wearing teal & helping turn their defense in Colt Killers.

The Jaguars also need fast, smart linebackers.  One such player that might be under the radar of some teams is Stephen Cooper from the same southern California team that seems to get the best of Peyton & the Colts time & again, the previously mentioned San Diego Chargers.  There must be something in the water down there.  Cooper is ultra productive. He also seems to have a nose for Peyton’s passes.  He has a total of 501 tackles so far with 357 being of the solo variety. He is great at rushing the QB as well and has 9.5 sacks to prove it.  He has 8 interceptions, 8 forced fumbles & 30 passes defended.  However, the best part of his amazing ability is that he claims to know what plays Manning is calling, even with all those crazy chicken dance arm moves that Peyton uses to call audibles. That alone makes him a candidate for the Colt Killers.

What would you say if I told you that a Colt Killers might be hiding in plain sight right beneath Peyton’s nose? What if one of Indy’s own was to turn on them and help the Jaguars solve the Peyton puzzle?  I’m talking about linebacker Clint session.  Clint has lower stats with 261 tackles (208 solo), 1.5 sacks, 4 interceptions, 5 forced fumbles, 8 passes defended and 1 touchdown to his credit. But what he brings that no other free agent linebacker can is an inside knowledge of Peyton’s play calling.  He has been practicing against that offense for years. If he could be signed for a fistful of dollars and give the jags the 411 on Peyton, I say bring him in and make him a Colt Killer so the Jaguars can hang ‘em high.

Finally, we turn our attention towards cornerbacks & possibly the biggest Colt Killer in free agency….Antonio Cromartie from the New York Jets.  Antonio has 207 tackles (191 solo), 58 passes defended, 2 touchdowns and a whopping 18 interceptions. He has been able to defend against Indy’s passing offense with the Jets and with the Chargers.  Do you notice a theme here?  San Diego has had Indianapolis’s number for some time and their players (current & former) know how to beat the Colts.  Cromartie is a cocky, big name player who backs up his big mouth with big plays.  He will most likely cost more than the other free agents I’ve talked about, but he is by far the player most deserving of that big paycheck.  Cromartie could be the leader of the Colt Killers.

Last but not least, the Jaguars should resign Kirk Morrison.  Morrison is a tackling machine and with another year in this system will be able to reach an elite level for a linebacker.  Doubt me, check out his stats.  Kirk has an incredible 720 tackles in his career (560 solo), 5 sacks, 7 interceptions, 6 forced fumbles & 18 passes defended.  You red that right, 720 tackles.  The next highest tackle total for a free agent linebacker belongs to Tampa’s Barrett Rudd at 585.  Ruud by the way should also be on the radar for the Jaguars.  Morrison & Ruud could easily complete the Colt Killer roundup.

This could be the best free agency period in Jaguars history.  They have the cap room to do it and the GM willing to pull the trigger on these deals.  Will the Jaguars do it?  That remains to be seen, but it would be awesome to have a defense capable of outgunning the best sharpshooter in the NFL.  Remember, offense can get you the lead, but defense wins championships.  Here’s to the rise of the COLT KILLERS.

Shane Clemons

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