David Garrard Lacks a Defense, Not Drive

Michael Lombardi said on “The BS Report” that Jaguars’ quarterback, David Garrard, lacks the drive to become an elite quarterback. I like analyzing football. That’s why I’m here, but this crosses a fine line. Michael Lombardi, Shane Clemons or anyone other than David Garrard have no way of judging an internal drive such as this. Sure, the Jaguars have stumbled down the stretch the last couple of seasons while in playoff contention, but that’s not all on the quarterback’s shoulders.

Playing QB in the NFL is similar to being the head coach of a team. Quarterbacks are blamed for much more than they are actually responsible for. On the other hand, they’re also given more credit than they deserve when things are going correctly.

David Garrard’s situation is that of the former.

Garrard’s benchmark season was in 2007, where he played at an elite level throughout the year. Also in that year, the Jaguars had one of the NFL’s top defenses. It’s not a coincidence that David Garrard performed better when he played on a complete team.

David Garrard may lack drive, and he may not. That’s not for us to determine. What the Jaguars have to do is find out whether Garrard’s level of play will rise as the players around him grow into their roles.

The one unavoidable fact in all of this is that this is a make or break year for Garrard. Blaine Gabbert, while inexperienced in a pro-offense, will push Garrard to better himself. Competition is never a bad thing. There’s a reason that the all-time greats made their marks in the post-season. That’s crunch time, and they delivered in the clutch. David Garrard has yet to make that sort of mark, but he’ll have at least one more chance in Jacksonville. If he really does lack the drive to push himself to his limits, it won’t be long till Blaine Gabbert takes over the offense of the Jaguars.

Shane Clemons

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