Dear Jacksonville Jaguars, I want Black Back




It’s Sunday, and that means I get to write about whatever I want, regardless of how little it actually affects the Jaguars. Today, I want to submit my plea to the team to bring the greatest jerseys in football back. I’m talking about those awesome black jerseys. Please, Mr. Weaver, I’m begging you.

The Jaguars are no doubt on the rise, and I understand the whole “we want our identity to be teal” thing, but the black uniforms are a great part of the old Jaguars culture. Yes, I just divided the Jaguars into “new” and “old,” but I think it’s time.

 Take a look at this video from one of my all-time favorite games. That is, of course, the crushing of the Colts in Jacksonville 44-17. Take special note of how badass the Jaguars look in their black uniforms.

I’m not saying the Jaguars should go about wearing these uniforms everywhere, but give me one Monday night game. Just one. That’s all I’m asking. One game per season for the Jaguars to celebrate those wonderful jerseys.

I’m not really sure of what the common sentiment among other fans is regarding the Jaguars’ uniforms. I seem to remember some measure of outcry when the Jaguars announced that they wouldn’t be wearing black anymore, but maybe it’s a dead cause. I really think the Jaguars will wear black again (I’d honestly be surprised if it’s this year), but I don’t want it to be one of those back-to-the-past retro things. I want it to be the alternative. Something to get fans pumped up.

So for one last time, I ask you Mr. Weaver. Please?

Shane Clemons

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