Digging up a Fossil


The Indianapolis Colts have dug up a dinosaur, a fossilized relic, dusted him off & signed him to a contract.  Yes, ancient NFL artifact Kerry Collins is now the starting QB for the Colts. We all though we’d seen the last of Mr. Collins when he retired during the off-season, but like some ageless wonder rediscovered by archaeologists digging through the sands of time, he has pulled a Favre-like about face & come back again.  This time he will start in place of Peyton Manning who is still rehabbing a neck injury that will keep him out of any pre-season games & maybe some regular season games as well.  Collins has been in the league for 18 years.  he was drafted by the Panthers back in 1995.  He was their first pick EVER.  He has been around longer than Jacksonville has had a team.

Collins took the Panthers to the NFC Championship game in just his 2nd year.  He also lead the N.Y. Giants to the Super Bowl back in 2000, losing to the Ravens & their unbeatable defense.  Collins has also played for the Saints, Raiders & Titans during his 18 year career.  He will without a doubt give the Colts a better chance at winning than their other back-ups, Painter & Orlovski.  The Colts were looking at beginning the season in a huge hole without # 18 in the backfield.  Collins at least gives them a slugger’s chance.  Collins career has had it’s fair share of ups & downs.  He never again reached the heights of getting to a championship game or a Super Bowl, but he has racked up over 40,400 yards passing and 206 TDs.  He is currently 11th on the NFL all-time list for passing yards.  However, he has also set a NFL record for fumbles (23 in 2001) and has a total of 195 interceptions to his credit (and counting).


Collins may be old as dirt, but he can still lead a team. He may not be as mobile as he used to be, but apparently the Colts see enough in him to wheel his carcass out onto Lucas Oil field one more time.  Will this last ditch effort get the Colts more wins?  Will they still be anywhere near contention for the AFC South title when Manning returns to action?  I’m not sure if the signing of Collins makes much difference.  I still see them finishing 3rd in the division behind the Texans & Jaguars.  Even with Collins I don’t see the Colts being better than the Schuab/Johnson/Foster led Texans. I also don’t think they’re better than the MJD/Alualu/Lewis led Jags (regardless of if Gabbert or Garrard starts).  The Colts are just slightly above the Titans in my opinion.  They get injured alot, have a weaker defense than last year, no Manning yet & don’t run the ball very well.  Defenses will know how to beat the Colts with Collins at the helm.  Peyton is obviously a superior talent at QB and he makes that whole offense work.

Manning also gets rid of the ball quicker than Collins does.  Neither one of them is very mobile, but Peyton doesn’t take as many hits.  Remember that record for fumbles I mentioned earlier?  You could see that total be eclipsed this year.  Defenders will get to Collins much more than Peyton, causing more turnovers.  The signing of Collins means one thing to me……the chances of the Jaguars winning the division just went way up.