Divisional Almanac: AFC East

Today, we’re looking at the AFC East. This another one of the best divisions in football, especially at the top end. The Bills have been rebuilding as long as any of us can remember, and the Dolphins seem to be having some problems figuring out who their quarterback will be in the future, not just in 2011.

New England Patriots – (12-4)

The Patriots have one of the best players in the game leading their offense, and that counts for a lot. It does seem as if this team has the ability to take players out and plug rookies in without a loss in production, but I think that’s largely a function of their offense and Tom Brady. Their window may be closing (unless Mallett is the future).

New York Jets – (11-5)

I don’t think the Jets are as good as many analysts seem to believe. I really don’t like Sanchez as a starter in this league. With that offense and defense, he should have more success. It’s not as if he doesn’t have any weapons around him. The fact of the matter is that he does have weapons, and he’s simply failed to use them efficiently. He holds this team back to an 11-5 record in 2011.

Miami Dolphins – (8-8)

Chad Henne isn’t the answer at QB, and I’m surprised they didn’t find a guy to compete with him in a QB heavy draft. That being the case, they’ll miss the playoffs again, and they’ll likely start the 2012 season with a new quarterback under center and a new head coach at the helm.

Buffalo Bills – (5-11)

The Bills just haven’t been able to put it together on a consistent basis, and I fully expect that to continue. In all reality, they shouldn’t win a single divisional game, and I think they’ll blow it up again after the season is over. I don’t see an end in sight to their personnel woes.

*All records are projections.

Shane Clemons

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