Divisional Almanac: AFC South

Today is the day that I come out with my divisional almanac for the Jaguars’ division. I’m trying to write an unbiased analysis of the division, and I think I did a pretty good job. This wraps up this series. I hoped you enjoyed the almanac, and hopefully it gave you some things to consider. Let’s get to it.

Indianapolis Colts – (12-4)

I know this isn’t a popular pick around here, but it’s hard to say that the Jaguars will be able to de-throne the leagues most winningest team over the past decade. Peyton Manning may be the best to ever play as a quarterback in the NFL, and they won the division in 2010, despite tons of injuries.

Jacksonville Jaguars – (9-7)

I really wanted to say that the Jaguars would get 10 wins, but they play a brutal schedule, and they still have a lot of holes to fill, especially on defense. If Gene Smith can find enough guys to fill in the gaps, the Jaguars could push for a divisional title. How cool would it be if Week 17 against the Colts at Jacksonville was a winner take all game?

Houston Texans – (8-8)

The Texans are essentially rebuilding their entire defense. Luckily for them, their defense can’t really get any worse, but there’s also some bad news. Their defense won’t improve much in one year. With a terrible defense, this team can’t expect much more than another .500 season.

Tennessee Titans – (3-13)

I really don’t like the Titans roster. They’re operating on a shortened off-season, with new people in all the major positions. With new systems in places, new coaches, and a new, rookie quarterback, I think the Titans will have another very high draft pick in the 2012 draft.

*All records are projections.

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