Don’t Stop Believing

I’ve been trying to find a way to put a positive spin on a 1-4 record, but it can’t be done. With a 2-3 record, I could say something like, “They’re only 1 game from being a .500 team,” but I just can’t do anything of the sort with a 1-4 team.

The Jaguars’ losses have been hard to watch, not in the same way that last season’s blowout losses were, but difficult none-the-less. The Jaguars are certainly trying, but the results just aren’t there.

I said earlier in the day that this is the time where a team will either show it’s resolve or it will crumble under the weight of disappointment, and I’m hearing about some encouraging things.

For one, I’m reading that the Jaguars had a “players only” meeting sometime Monday. While the contents of the meeting are being debated, I can say this with certainty. Players are stepping up and taking charge. That’s the first step to rebounding.

The Jaguars will have a tough time getting a win this weekend against the defending AFC champions, the Pittsburgh Steelers. A win isn’t out of the question, however. The Steelers have struggled to run the ball as effectively as they have in the past, and their offensive line is shaky at best. When it comes down to it, the Jaguars just need a win. It doesn’t matter how ugly or how pretty it comes. They just need the “W.” That’s all we, as fans, want; that’s all the Jaguars want; And, that’s all that Wayne Weaver wants. As the late Al Davis would say, “Just win baby.”

So, as we move towards the Steelers game, a game that could very likely kill any hope left in the Jaguars’ season, just don’t stop believing. That’s all we’ve got left.

Shane Clemons

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