Drafted quarterbacks are often paired with offensive players

An article by a writer for The Football Fan Spot pointed out an interesting trend in the NFL Draft in recent history. Since 2005, 15 quarterbacks have been drafted in the first round. Of those 15, 12 of them were followed by another offensive player with the next pick.

One of the three times that didn’t follow the trend, one was in 2007 when the Browns drafted Brady Quinn and followed it with CB Eric Wright. However, the preceded the Quinn pick with Joe Thomas earlier in the first round.

It’s clear there is a connection between teams drafting a quarterback early and using them as a cornerstone for an offensive rebuild.

For the Jaguars, it is clear that the offense is a stronger unit than the defense and most would agree that the defense is the unit that will require more focus this offseason.

So could the Jaguars be one of the rare exceptions to the rule if they decide to draft a quarterback early? With an offense full of youth at every position except quarterback and interior offensive line, they certainly could be.

With that said, the Jaguars have reportedly shown interest in Florida’s interior lineman Mike Pouncey. If the Jaguars were to draft Pouncey in the first round and follow that with a quarterback in the second round, it wouldn’t follow the rule, per say, but it would represent the same concept.

Teams like the Panthers, Bills, Cardinals and Seahawks could all be the latest examples of this trend in 2011, but the Jaguars are not a team that I’d expect to be.