Exploring trade down options

Gene Smith has said that if a player they like is at the top of the Jaguars board when they’re on the clock, he doesn’t like the idea of getting “cute” with trades and potentially missing on a top player. With that said, Gene has also made it clear that he and Terry McDonough have been in contact with all 31 other NFL teamsand are willing to move in any round.

In the 2010 draft there were 7 first round trades that all occurred between picks 11 and 30. At 16 the Jaguars are at the heart of the one stretch of the draft when picks are swapped more than any other time. Additionally, it has been speculated by those well-versed in the draft that this year’s draft will feature more trades than ever before due to the lockout withholding free agency. Without free agency teams have no way to know for sure that their needs will be addressed or what their options are so they’re more likely to try to move and take the players they targeted out of need.

With all these factors combining, it is very probable that the Jaguars will receive phone calls when their clock starts at pick 16. And as long as the Jaguars don’t have a player they are in love with on the board, it’s very possiblethat they could accept one of these offers.


Adam Schefter recently tweeted that the Eagles were among the teams interested in trading up on draft day. Their biggest and most obvious need is at cornerback and was only magnified with the retirement of the starter opposite Asante Samuel, Ellis Hobbs.

The most likely scenario would be the Eagles trading up for Nebraska All-American Prince Amukamara if he falls out of the top 10; however, it seems unlikely that Amukamara would make it to 16. If he somehow did it seems even more unlikely that the Jaguars would trade away the selection. I’d give the chances of a trade happening with Philadelphia a solid 1%.

What would it cost? – Eagles send picks 23 (R1) and 85 (R3) for Jaguars pick 16 (R1)


The Buccaneers GM Mark Dominik recently said on Pete Prisco’s Sirius radio show that he is interested in moving around in the draft and that he has spoken with Gene Smith about the possibility of doing so.

Tampa Bay’s primary need is a defensive end for their 4-3 and the most attractive of the options could be Clemson DE Da’Quan Bowers. Once thought to be the class of the field and a potential first overall selection, Bowers’s stock has slipped as of late due to a slew of injuries that have hampered him and held him out of much of the pre-draft activities.

If Bowers is on the board when the Jaguars are on the clock they may consider selecting him or they could allow the Buccaneers to jump the Patriots, Chargers and Giants that could select him instead. Tampa Bay may also consider making the same move to select a different defensive end like Aldon Smith, Ryan Kerrigan or J.J. Watt.

What would it cost? – Buccaneers send picks 20 (R1), 116 (R4) and 135 (R5) for Jaguars picks 16 (R1) and 182 (R6)


Mike Florio of ProFootballTalk revealed yesterday that Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin is infatuated with the idea of drafting Florida G Mike Pouncey and pair him up with his brother Maurkice. To do so, the Steelers would almost certainly have to trade up to get him.

It’s very possible that Pouncey could be off the board already by the time the Jaguars are ready to pick, but in the event that he isn’t, the Steelers may consider swapping with Jacksonville to get him. The Steelers aren’t traditionally a team that’s been willing to fork over many picks in order to get one player, though.

What would it cost? – Steelers send picks 31 (R1) and 64 (R2) for Jaguars pick 16 (R1)


The Patriots love to acquire draft picks and it’s very rare that you hear about them being a potential team to trade up; however with three picks in the top 33 and six picks in the top 100, they have a lot of ammunition. It may be advantageous for a team that’s strong at virtually every position to use their picks to trade up and take two or three elite prospects that can start right away for the team.

If the Jaguars are on the clock and there are two prospects that the Patriots really like available, they may consider moving up from the late first round to the middle so that they could take two consecutive players. Among possible New England targets are J.J. Watt, Cameron Heyward, Ryan Kerrigan, Cameron Jordan, Anthony Castonzo or any other players that slip.

What would it cost? – Patriots send picks 28 (R1), 74 (R3) and 159 (R5) for Jaguars 16 (R1)