Final Thoughts Before Monday Night Football

12:00 AM: As I write this, Blaine Gabbert is sitting on a 12-7 lead for the win. Victory formation is a beautiful set. The Jaguars will play the Texans next week in another make or break game. Jaguars win 12-7. Goodnight everyone!

11:11 PM: The Jaguars have pushed their advantage to 9-0. The big play of the 3rd quarter was a missed field goal by the Ravens. Really, the kick was never close. It was a Vanderjagt style shank from left going wide, wide right. The Jaguars were able to control the time of possession once again in the 3rd quarter, and if they keep it up for just one more quarter. It’ll be a huge win for the struggling Jaguars. Once thing is clear. This team hasn’t quit on Jack Del Rio.

10:22 PM: The Jaguars’ defense, after the 2nd quarter, has still not allowed the Ravens to move the chains on offense. The big story of the game has been the ridiculous number of fumbles by both teams. Some of those, haven’t actually been fumbles as three plays have been overturned by coaches’ challenges. The Jaguars need their defense to get them turnovers, however. The Jags’ offense seems incapable of moving the ball consistently. The 2nd half will be interesting to see if the Jaguars can continue their defensive domination. A noteworthy point is this. The Jaguars’ defense hasn’t had to be on the field much; so, they should still be pretty fresh in the 2nd half.

9:28 PM: The Jaguars defense is playing out of this world right now. No first downs allowed by that unit. The real painful play was the goal line fumble. The announcers said it. The Ravens are lucky to only be down by 3 after a quarter of play. So far, the Jaguars’ offense has looked okay considering they’re playing a great, great defense. Josh Scobee continues to be one of the bright spots on special teams, knocking through a 54 yard field goal. Solid first quarter for the Jaguars.

Well, the Jaguars take the field tonight in their first prime-time game of the 2011 NFL season against the Baltimore Ravens. The circumstances aren’t what many of us had hoped. Frankly, this team should be 3-3, but the games the Jaguars should have won haven’t panned out for them, and the result has been tough to watch.

Tonight’s game has an interesting dynamic. The Jaguars, in my opinion, match up relatively well to the Ravens when the Ravens are on offense. I think the Jaguars’ defense should be able to keep them in the game.

The Ravens’ defense, however, will likely shut down the Jaguars’ offense. That’s why it’s so important for the Jaguars to capitalize on each and every opportunity that presents itself. If they can do that, they might be able to surprise the Ravens and claim a big, big win.

Consecutive wins against the Ravens this week and the Texans next week could put the Jaguars back in contention going into their bye week. Consecutive losses could end with head coach Jack Del Rio receiving his pink slip.

In game updates may be added to the TOP of this article with a date. These will by no means be regular, but they may add to your experience as you watch the game. Hopefully, they’ll be positive updates. And, as always, GO JAGS!

Shane Clemons

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