Friday Night (Hi)Lights

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Today is the first of many installments of Friday Night (Hi)Lights, a work in progress I will be updating every week.  This is where I will spotlight anywhere from One to Three college prospects I feel will make great Jaguars.  If there is enough interest from you, the reader, I can do this more often than once a week, so please, send in your feedback.


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First off is a player who rarely needs an introduction, as he makes his presence known for all opposing offensive players.  Looking over our current roster, I feel as though this linebacking position can and will be addressed in both Free Agency, whether that be Undrafted or Pro, we must address our lack of quality starters as well as solid depth/role players.  Our philosophy is to build through the draft, so even with a signing in free agency there is no need for this man to not have his name called for the Jaguars.  Here he is, Travis Lewis, OLB Oklahoma.


 Travis Lewis, OLB Oklahoma




Travis Lewis, OLB Oklahoma



Travis Lewis, OLB Oklahoma 


6’2 232 pounds 4.52 40



2008- 135 tackles 3.0 sacks 1 ff 4 int

2009- 99 tackles 1.0 sack 1 int

2010- 109 tackles 1.5 sacks 3 int




*Elite speed

*Elite tackler

*Above average size

*Above average football IQ

*Above average in coverage

*Above average in the run game



*Does get stopped at line easily

*Gets jammed at the middle level

*Playing out of position, I can see him moving quite easily to the hybrid MLB slot

*Can get lost in plays at times

*Relies on speed to overcompensate for over pursuing the play.



Some are calling his 2010 season a down year, but the man flat out, out played every other outside linebacker.  He is a very smart and great tactician of the game.  For the Jaguars to land a player of the caliber, would mean instant upgrade over every linebacker we currently have on the roster, save Daryl Smith.  Travis can play the rush spot but also has an underrated playmaking ability in the coverage and zone game.  Lewis will not “wow” you with bone crushing hits or highlight reeled interceptions, however he will give you 10 tackles a game, and cause the opposing offense to game plan around where he is playing at all times.  I see a comparison to Chad Greenway, when he came out of college.  Not the most athletic guy, but overall very solid player, who knows how to play the game.  But looking more closely at Travis’ game, he reminds me the most to a Stephen Cooper, while playing in a 34 out in San Diego, Cooper is capable (and at a high level) of playing the Sam, Mike, and Will, and shows no inconsistency in his approach.