Friday Thought Drop: Jaguars Emerging as Divisional Challenger

It’s been too long since I last dropped my thoughts on top of your Friday afternoon, but I’m back to it, and the timing couldn’t be better. Also note, I extended that last sentence with two conjunctions (, but; , and). That’s completely irrelevant, but there’s been a lot to cover, so; let’s dive right in.

The Jaguars’ biggest splash was made with the signing of Dawan Landry. Originally I thought they’d leave him at SS and force Courtney Greene to adapt at FS or find another option there, but I now think that Landry may actually play FS. That would let Greene continue at SS, and I think the Jaguars would be better able to field a complete defensive unit this season than if Landry continued at FS. Consider me converted.

Marcedes Lewis signed a 5 year deal with the Jaguars. That’s one worry off all of our chests.

There’s been a lot of rumblings about the status of Garrard as the Jaguars’ starting quarterback. Let me be clear here, the Jaguars’ seem to be remaining committed to Garrard, but a lot of bloggers (myself included) are beginning to wonder if the Jagaurs won’t quietly try to find a new home for Garrard if Blaine Gabbert continues to impress. That’s just one of the great story lines coming out of Jacksonville as we get closer to the first pre-season game.

One of the lower key signings the Jaguars made this off-season was the acquisition of Drew Coleman. There’s been some debate as to whether he’ll start, but it’s important that the Jaguars gain depth at CB with that signing. Before, the Jaguars had Mathis and Cox, both pretty good, but they had nobody should one of those two get injured. Depth is a huge issue in the NFL. Just ask the Indianapolis Colts.

The Raiders were one of the teams that was over the salary cap before today. What?! The Raiders lack talent at most major positions, especially after key personnel losses this off-season. They’ve found a way to spend more than most and field an inferior product to most. Commitment to excellence indeed.

The Jaguars have added a lot of defensive help going into the season. In my mind, that defense should be pretty good if those players can stay healthy. The Jaguars should have a top 20 defense (being conservative there). If that’s the case, the Jaguars should be able to compete with the Colts and the Texans for the division, and I see no reason they can’t pull it off.

That’s all I’ve got folks. Have a great weekend!

Shane Clemons

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