Friday Thought Drop: NBA Joining the NFL

For those of you that are regular readers of Big Cat Country, this introduction is pointless. Just click the jump. For those of you that don’t read much over at BCC, here’s what the “Friday Thought Drop” is all about. This is a collection of my thoughts that have accumulated over the week. I throw in a couple of updates (i.e. how the Jacksonville Sharks are doing) and throw it all together. The result is a bunch of loosely related content (or rather fragmented). It’s usually fun, and on a rare occasion, thought provoking. That’s what it is, let’s go.

As mentioned above, the Sharks are often mentioned here. The Sharks are 13-1, and they’ve clinched home field advantage in the playoffs. They play the San Jose Saber Cats tonight at 10:30 PM EST at San Jose.

For those of you that really do live under a rock, the NBA is now in the same boat as the NFL. The only difference is that more than have the NBA teams are losing money. According to Michael Wilbon of ESPN, the players currently pull in about 57% of the NBA’s revenue. The owners want that to be closer to a 60-40 split in favor of the owners. That’s a massive difference. Get comfortable with the idea of watching a lot of hockey next spring, because; the NBA season could very easily be missed.

In lighter news, I think, reps from the NFL and NFLPA* met late into the night last night. I can’t imagine that being a bad thing, but many have circled July 5th as a deadline for getting a new CBA done. If not, the courts may issue rulings. The process would be much faster and smoother if the courts never have to issue those rulings.

The Jaguars coaches have consistently said that Blaine Gabbert will have an opportunity to compete for the starting job. I’m really not sure how much weight they’ll put into pre-season play, though. Remember last year? Luck McCown certainly out-played David Garrard in the pre-season, but Garrard still started, and rightly so.

We’re one week closer to football. Have a great weekend everyone.

Shane Clemons

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