Gabbert vs. NFL elite QBs

If you’re anything like me, you’ve been wondering just how Blaine Gabbert really stacks up against the current NFL elite QBs.  I’m talking about Brady, Peyton, Big Ben, Brees, Ryan, Rivers the reining Superbowl MVP Arron Rodgers.  As a true Jaguars fan I NEED TO KNOW how good Gabbert can really be.

Well, have no fear.  I did all the legwork for ya.  I looked up Gabbert’s college stats and compared them to the college stats of all the previously mentioned elite NFL QBs.  Check it out.

Gabbert    568 comp.  933 att.  6,822 yards  40 TD  18 INT  60.9 pass %  132.6 QB rating
Ryan      807 comp.  1,346 att.  9,313 yards  56 TD  37 INT  60.0 pass % 126.3 QB rating
Rivers 1,087 comp. 1,711 att. 13,484 yards  95 TD  34 INT 63.5 pass %  144.1 QB rating
Brees  1,026 comp. 1,668 att. 11,792 yards  90 TD 45 INT  61.5 pass %  133.3 QB rating
Rodgers   424 comp.  655 att.  5,469 yards  43 TD  13 INT  63.8 pass %  150.3 QB rating
Peyton   863 comp. 1,381 att. 11,201 yards 89 TD  33 INT  62.5 pass %  147.1 QB rating
Brady      443 comp.  711 att.  5,351 yards  35 TD  19 INT  62.3 pass %  136.4 QB rating
Big Ben  854 comp. 1,304 att. 10,829 yards 84 TD 34 INT  65.5 pass %  151.3 QB rating

Gabbert had more completions and attempts that either Rodgers or Brady and therefore more yards than both.  He also had more TDs than Brady, but what really grabs your attention is that he had fewer INTs than ALL OF THEM except Rodgers.  Gabbert had a better pass percentage & QB rating than Ryan and was just shy of  Brees’s totals.  I don’t know about you, but that’s what I want in a starting QB for my favorite team.

As you can see, Gabbert  more than holds his own against the best QBs and should become a very good NFL starting QB.  Not too shabby for the future face of the Jacksonville Jaguars.  I for one, would take Gabbert over any of the newly drafted QBs any day of the week.

I hope that any other fans reading this will stop worrying and just relax.  Trust that GM Gene has done his homework and be confident that this team will be contenders for a long time. Confidence is a wonderful thing.  Soon we’ll all be aboard the BLAINE TRAIN, next stop……the playoffs, hopefully the Superbowl and some hard earned RESPECT.

Shane Clemons

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