Garrard gets the axe

The Jacksonville jaguars have made it official, David Garrard is gone. Axed, cut, dropped, pushed out the door, booted, released and don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out.  I said it was going to happen 2 weeks ago.  I hinted at it 3 weeks ago.  It should come as no surprise to any Jaguars fan.  Do you remember what happened to Leftwhich?  Same thing.  Del Rio swears that his starter during camp will still be the starter week 1, then c-ya later Byron.  Jack did the same thing just last week when asked about Garrard.  I saw it coming.  I warned you all.  Now the axe-man has cometh.  Off with his head. And suprise, suprise…..McCown is now the starter.  No offense to anybody, but you had to be blind not to see this coming.   No way they were gonna pay Dave 8 million to keep playing like his was in the preseason.  Garrard stunk up the whole place with his lame play.  Not only that but he was starting to throw his teammates under the bus when confronted about his inability to make simple throws.  Why do you think that the O-line seemed to allow him to get pummeled , but when Gabbert or McCown entered the game they rarely got sacked?  Why do you think that they never went over to help him up afterward either?  The players knew that Garrard wasn’t the answer and that his time was up. A player was asked if they had lost confidence in Garrard as their QB, to which he replied “There wasn’t any confidence to be lost”.  Enough said.

I know that Dave will be picked up by some other team.  He is better than what some teams currently have on their rosters.  The 49ers, Broncos, Raiders, Seahawks, Redskins & Bengals to name some of the top of my head.  He will get another chance, just not with the Jags.  Now we can finally bid farewell to that stupid postgame fedora routine.  No more having to watch “Smiley” Dave on the side line during a crushing defeat looking like he was having the time of his life without a care in the world.  No more listening to him blame his receivers for not cathing passes that were thrown 10 yards over their heads or 10 yards into the turf in front of them.  The Jaguars actually made the right move in cutting Garrard.  He played like crap….and we all know it.  It was only a matter of time before the axe fell. 

Don’t go thinking that Del Rio’s job is safe either.  He could be next in line to get cut.  Mark my words, if the Jags struggle this season “Jack will be removed & Dirk will take his place”.  I’ve said it before & I’ll say it again.  Rebuilding a team is not limited to just the players.  Head coaches get released all the time & Jack has been just as inconsistent as Garrard.  For now, the better QB won, and he will start.  No one can say that McCown doesn’t deserve to be the starting QB.  He proved it last year before getting hurt & he proved it again in the preseason.  Gabbert is still the future of this team, but McCown has been given the keys to the new hotness.  Garrard as left the building in that old, busted joint he’s been driving for the last 4 years.  Good riddance.

No more having to yell at our T.V. “Throw the damn ball already” or ” Who the hell were you throwing that to, you idiot”.  Gone is the inability to thrown to the open receiver.  Gone is the holding on to the ball until he got sacked, fumbled the ball or threw another INT.  Gone is the constant problem of staring down the receiver from the moment the ball was hiked.  Welcome to the new Jaguars QB’s.  Quarterbacks that can make the throws, don’t hold onto the ball forever, have a quick release & can actually score some points.  This is a good thing.  The future is now.  Enjoy the ride.