Give MJD the damn ball

Maurice Jones-Drew wants the damn ball. Give him the damn ball Jack.  Mojo will be the key to any chance of winning against the Jets this weekend.  Everyone knows that Del Rio is going to try to be ultra conservative with the play calling again.  We all know that he won’t allow Luke McCown throw that much.  We all know it’s gonna be another very vanilla Sunday.  So if you’re going to run the ball, at least run the damn ball with # 32.  that means no more taking him out of the game for an entire quarter.  that was a bonehead move if I ever saw one.  Thanks for almost costing your team the game last week Jack.  Luckily your team has a better defense than last year.  The defense saved your ass Del Rio, but they can’t do it alone against better teams.  You’re lucky that the Titans are a mess this year.  Keep it simple stupid…….give the damn ball to MJD all day.  Eat the clock & keep the Jets offense off the field for as long as possible.  Dirty Sanchez and company can’t beat you if they’re not on the field.

Del Rio will have to lean on Mojo pretty hard this week because TE Marcedes Lewis & WR Jason Hill might not be able to play.  And seeing as how he won’t let Luke pass except on 3rd down, I’m gonna assume that means a whole lot more of MJD running the rock down the Jets throats.  I just hope that the Jaguars don’t have to rely on asking Maurice to take a knee to run out the clock.  It would be nice if they had a 2 score lead late in the fourth quarter.  I also hope that Del Rio will let Dirk call more pass plays than last week.  McCown is a gunslinger, not a game manager.  Turn him loose and see what he can do Jack.  That will give the Jaguars a balanced attack and prevent teams from loading up against Jones-Drew all the time.  The Jets defense is too good & too fast to just sit back & be one dimensional. 

You can take the leash off Luke and let him run with the big dawgs while still giving the rock to MJD more.  It’s called opening up the offense.  You should learn to trust your QB more Jack.  I know that it’s hard for you to do after having to deal with QBs that couldn’t read a defense to save their lives, held on to the ball for an eternity or simply had the slowest wind-up known to the man.  But Luke can read defenses, can get the ball out fast and makes good decisions.  Add that to Maurice mauling the D-line and you’ve got a nice little offense.  I’m not knocking Deji either.  I’m fully aware that he has the speed & the moves to be a solid back-up RB, but while he can be your workhorse…….MJD is your warhorse.

Learn all you can from Dwight Lowrey & Drew Coleman before Sunday.  Let AluAlu sack Sanchez all day and have Poz pulverize Holmes when he tries to catch a pass over the middle on a slant route.  There’s your winning formula Jack.  RUN THE DAMN BALL WITH MJD, let Luke pass more and bury the Jets with your defense.  I know I said not to take a knee again, but if you have to then do it.   Just come out this week 2-0.