Hit the road Jack

Jack Del Rio has finally been fired. Defensive Coordinator Mel Tucker has been promoted to head coach for the last 5 games of 2011.  In a move that suprised no one, (except for the fact that it came about 3 games too late) Jack has been shown the door.  The Jaguars will now start their search for a new head coach & possibly an entirely new coaching staff as well.  Most of us don’t expect Dirk Koetter to return as Offensive Coordinator next season.  Tucker was the lone bright spot on a otherwise less than impressive staff.  Del Rio seemed to know this move was coming for the last 4 weeks.  He had the look of a defeated man during his post game press conferences.  Del rio was well liked by his players, but just seemed to have lost the ability to get the most out of them on gamedays. 

Tucker will now have 5 games to show what he can do.  i wouldn’t expect him to be the head coach next year, but he will most likely remain the defensive coordinator.  Del Rio’s firing signals the end for most of his assistant coaches as well.  Weaver will likely clean house at season’s end.  A few assistant coaches will have an outside chance at remaining with the team, but most have expiring contracts & will not be resigned.

So ends the Del Rio era in Jacksonville.  I said he would be fired mid-season way back in week 3.  It wasn’t that hard to figure out what was gonna happen.  Wayne Weaver has said in the past that “the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over & over while expecting different results.”  Weaver has officially stopped the insanity in Jacksonville.  Most fans can agree that Del Rio’s coaching wasn’t getting the desired results anymore.  Hopefully, the Jaguars can play loose for the final 5 games.  There is no pressure now.  They have been eliminated from any post season play already.  Some fans will rejoice in jack being fired, some will mourn his inevitable release.  Either way, Jack has been told to hit the road for good.   Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on your way out.  Thanks for 8 years of mediocrity.


Hit the road Jack

Jack Del Rio is handcuffing this team & the results are pathetic.  Del Rio needs to go.  Once again he has cost the Jaguars a victory by playing so conservative that it literally makes fans sick to their stomachs to have to watch the players run the ball over & over again.  Even when they have absolutely no hope of getting a first down unless they throw the ball, Jack stubbornly runs MJD into a wall of defenders for no gain.  How can Wayne Weaver stand to see his team struggle?  When is enough enough? Why is he letting Del Rio waste the talents of players like MJD, Lewis, Gabbert & Thomas?  How can he sit back year after year and watch as offensive coordinators come & go, but still not see that Jack is the problem?   When will he finally open up his check book and sign a true # 1 WR?  Del Rio has had 8 years to fix this team and still they play horrible offense.  This team could have been rebuilt twice by now.  I am quickly losing all respect for Del Rio.  How much longer must we put up with his inability to open up the offense?  Why move up in the draft for Gabbert if you’re not going to let him throw the ball?  Jack should not be the head coach in Jacksonville anymore. 

Why does Del Rio bring in offensive coordinators that aired it out in college when all he wants to do is run the ball?  Why do they all leave Jacksonville and then have success with other teams?  I’ll tell you why, cause Jack has the final say on offensive play calling.  He is wasting the talents of Dirk Koetter too.  By not letting Blaine pass more often & without giving him a big time WR to pass to, this team will never get back to the playoffs…….NEVER EVER!  How hard is it to understand that the Jaguars need a balanced attack on offense in order to win games?   Didn’t Del Rio tell us all that there wouldn’t be anymore 3 yards & a cloud of dust?  That was him right?  Just more BS form captain Jack.  He is the epitome of a lame-duck coach.  He is dragging the Jaguars down with him.  Time to show him the door.

Actually, he should have been fired already.  He hasn’t done squat in 8 years.  His offensive plays would be laughable if they weren’t so painful to watch.  He has allowed the offense to become stagnant and bland.  Dirk was considered a offensive guru at Boise State.  He should be the head coach of the Jaguars, not Jack.  Dirk was always throwing the ball.  What happened to cause him to stop airing it out once he came to Jacksonville?  Jack happened, that’s what.   Jack has fired defensive coordinators too.  One even went on to win a super bowl.  How can their systems work everywhere else except in Jacksonville?  Because Jack won’t let them, that’s why.  Thank God that Weaver finally took all defensive play calling away from him.  I wish he would do the same on offense.

Jack is a joke.  No other head coach would be allowed to stay head coach with his record.  He was fine as a defensive coach, but he sucks as a head coach.  He is failing in epic style.  Maybe his plan is to suck so bad that the Jaguars get the # 1 draft pick.  Then they can trade the rights to Andrew Luck for mega picks like Ditka did back in the day when he traded all his picks for RB Ricky Williams.  Maybe he wants to lose enough games to get a high draft pick so he can select A big time WR or two.  Or Maybe……He’s just a poor excuse for a coach.  Run, run, run, punt is no way to win a game.  This is a passing league now, everything is geared towards the NFL becoming basketball on grass, just like Vic Ketchman used to say. 

One dimensional teams don’t win games.  They get crushed by good teams and they get pushed around by lesser teams.  Either way, a loss is a loss.  And if the Jaguars continue to play one dimensional football, they will continue to lose.  The offensive play calling has not changed since Del Rio took over.  Coordinators have come and gone, having not made the Jaguars any better.  The one thing that has been constant is that Jack has been the coach.  The failure of the Jacksonville Jaguars is 100% due to him being the coach.  He has no killer instinct, therefor neither do the Jags.  How did they go into halftime with all the momentum, all the excitement of taking the lead with time running out only to come out & flat out go belly up?  Because Del Rio is an idiot.  He only allowed Gabbert to throw the ball like 6 times in the entire 2nd half.  How is that a balanced offense?  Pass to get a bigger lead & then you can run the rock to kill the clock.  Don’t try to protect a 5 point lead all game.  You should play to win, not play to hope you don’t lose.