Houston, we have a problem


For some reason Matt Schuab and the Texans can’t seem to get of the same page.  sometimes it seems like Maybe Schuab doesn’t get it, but they should be contending for the AFC title.  They have an all-pro WR in Andre Johnson, the best rusher in the NFL (not to mention the top pick in evry fantasy football league) and an improving 3-4 defense under Wade Phillips.  The Texans should be in the playoffs, but keep falling short of that goal every year.  maybe this is the year that they get it done.

The front four of their defense is anchored by DE mario Williams.  He’s fast, strong & simply can engulf quarterbacks at times.


It’s the secondary that is the weakest link for this team.  Linebacker Brian Cushing was suspended for using a female growth hormone, which has the side-effect of growing breasts on guys who use it, turing them into some kind of freakishly wierd, muscular man-woman.


And their corners/safeties gave up way too many yards in pass defense.  They didn’t cover & didn’t tackle.  Poor Quinn Glover couldn’t even knock down a hail mary pass correctly.


This defense needs alot of work.hopefully, Wade Phillips can get whip them into shape and make a contender out of them.  They seem to be playing better in the 3-4 this preseason. Wade was run out of Dallas last year after the Cowboys failed to reach the playoffs again.  Hopefully, we won’t see Wade palm-planting his face along the sideline any more.


At least the Texans can hang their hats on the fact that they have 2 huge offensive weapons that every other team in the league wishes they had.  WR Andre Johnson can out run, out jump, and out play just about any CB in the NFL.  He is really big, really fast & has great hands.  Hands that he can use to catch anything throw in his direction or to beat you down & show the world what a little punk you really are.9dec1_andre-johnson-1291064786  They also have Arian Foster, who can run over, through & around any defense.  Leading the league in rushing yards and TDs, foster is a man-beast on the field.  When he’s not destroying defenses, he’s a cool cat who doesn’t worry about contract negotiations & isn’t distracted by negative people.  The Texans are a good team.  I have been to relliant stadium and can honestly say that they have great fans and really hot cheerleaders.


I pick the Texans to finish 2nd in the AFC South this year, but just barely.  They can put up alot of points.  However, they make some dumb mistakes on defense. They will be a force to contend with over the next several years.  I do have one big problem with the Texans though……..those battle red uniforms just don’t scare anybody.