Is the End Near for Peyton’s Career?

It has been confirmed that Peyton Manning WILL NOT participate in the preseason.  For the first time in 13 years he could actually miss regular season games if his rehab from surgery for a bulging disc in his neck isn’t addressed soon. Peyton has never missed a game in his entire NFL career, ever.  You’d have to go back to his freshman year in college to find the last game he has missed.  His current streak of consecutive games played stands at 208.  I’m a Jaguars fan & even I have to admit that those stats are impressive.  13 years is an amazing amount of time to never miss a game for a QB, hell for any NFL player period.  Could it be coming to an end?  Could the one player that continually is a pain in the neck for the Jaguars actually have his career ended by his own pain in the neck?

The Colts have only 1 other QB on their roster as of now, Curtis Painter.  “Who’s Curtis Painter? ” you might ask.  I had to ask too.  Mr. Painter is a 26 year old QB who has only attempted 28 passes in the NFL and only made 8 completions.  He has been sacked 3 times, intercepted twice & lost 2 fumbles.  Oh yeah, he has NEVER thrown a touchdown in the NFL either.  Not the type of guy you’d want running the whole offense if Peyton can’t play.  The Colts could be in BIG, BIG trouble.

Indy’s offense would come to a screeching halt without Manning calling the plays. Think Painter is gonna be waving his hands around & calling audibles at the line to confuse defenses, ala Manning…..think again.  Think Reggie Wayne will have those monster receiving stats with Painter throwing to him… way.   If Peyton can’t start the regular season the Colts will spend the remainder of this season digging out of a huge hole.  Talk about your uphill battles.  With the Jaguars almost winning the division last season the Colts can’t afford to lose any more games.  Then there are the Texans and the leading rusher in the NFL breathing down their necks. What if the Titans get lucky and win some close games?  Anything can happen on any given Sunday.  Could this be the beginning of the end of the Colts dominance in the AFC South?

Don’t get me wrong.  I will not be counting Peyton Manning and the Colts out until they are absolutely mathematically eliminated from contention.  But I am going to pay very close attention to this situation and how it develops.  I’m not wishing injury towards anyone, but as a team the Jaguars have to take advantage of any opportunity that presents itself.  If Peyton’s consecutive starts record for active QB’s comes to an end, so be it.  Peyton & the Colts will have to play the hand that is dealt to them.  Maybe they should have invested 1 of those draft picks over the years on a better backup QB.  They’ll surely need to trade for a veteran QB if Manning isn’t ready to go by week one.

This is why I’m so glad that GM Gene traded to move up in the draft and get Blaine Gabbert.  To be successful in the NFL you have to have quality depth at every position, especially at QB.  The Colts have been very foolish and careless in not upgrading their backup QB in years past.  What’s that old saying “Live by the sword, die by the sword”.  The Colts may have just impaled themselves on their own sword and disemboweled any chance of repeating as Champions of the AFC South at the same time.

Shane Clemons

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