Jags defense beats the flaming tacks


The Jacksonville Jaguars defeated the Flaming tacks of Tennessee on Sunday 16-14.  The Jaguars defense started by sacking new Titans QB Matt Hasselbeck.  Matt Roth wrapped him up and set the tone for the entire game.  The Jaguars got another sack from CB Drew Coleman, which resulted in a fumble as well.  They ended the game strong too.  Safety Dwight Lowery intercepted a  Hasselbeck pass with just 23 seconds remaining to seal the victory.  They also held Titans RB Chris Johnson to just 24 yards.  Yeah, 24 total yards.  He got stonewalled all day.  The Jags defense did let WR Kenny Britt catch 2 TDs, but they still dominated the game.

They played fast, they hit hard, they caused turnovers and they forced the Titans into 6 three & outs.  The Titans also had to punt on 5 of their first 6 offensive series.  Chris Johnson didn’t look like a $53 million dollar running back, more like a 53 cent back.  The Jaguars scored on a run by MJD, then took him out for the entire 3rd quarter (which pissed him & Jags fans off equally).  Mike Thomas had a big day.  Luke McCown did a nice job at QB for the Jags.  He didn’t throw a TD, but he didn’t throw an interception either.  Scobee was a perfect 3 for 3 on field goals.   Jones-Drew ran for 97 yards and a TD.  Not a great first game, but a win is a win.  I had hoped for more points just like every other Jaguars fan out there, but any victory over the hated flaming tacks is cool with me.  Next up are the N.Y. Jets, who defeated the Dallas Cowgirls 27-24. 

I think our defense will be ready and Coleman & Lowery will be all jacked up for a chance to stick it to their former team.  I just hope that the Jaguars let McCown open it up some more and stop being so damn consevative in the 2nd half.  And please, for the love of all things teal, let MJD stay in the game.  Even if you don’t run the rock with him, just having him on the field will force they Jets defense to account for him, which will allow big plays to other players like Lewis, Thomas & Hill.   Making Jones-Drew ride the bench is just plain stupid.  Get your head out of your butt Del Rio.  That little brain fart almost cost you the game.