Jaguars, Colts Game Has Long-Term Significance

Like it or not, a win is exactly what the Jaguars don’t need, and it’s exactly what the players will be trying to do. I’m not saying they shouldn’t be trying to beat the Colts this weekend in Indianapolis. In fact, they should, as players, be trying to win 62-0. When you look at it long-term, however, the Jaguars may be better off losing to the Colts twice this year.

The Colts are 0-9, and they’re the last team in the league without a win. They are the worst team I’ve ever seen in my life, and that includes the 0-16 Lions from a few years back.

The Jaguars come in with virtually no hope of making the playoffs. Their defense is much improved, but the Jaguars’ offense is just painful to watch. Why would I say the Jags are better off losing?

Andrew Luck.

You can criticize me for putting it on paper (err pixels in this case), but the Jaguars, as a competitive organization, would be better served losing this game and the one against the Colts in week 17. The last thing we want is for the Colts to draft Andrew Luck, and it would appear that’s exactly what may happen if the Colts can’t pull themselves together.

It’s worth noting that Luck isn’t a senior, and it’s possible he won’t enter the NFL draft this season, but that doesn’t seem likely.

As a fan, I’ll be happy to see the Jaguars win this weekend. As players, I expect (and would in fact be pissed if they don’t) them to play their hearts out to get a win in this very disappointing season. All that aside, I won’t lose much sleep if the Jaguars drop this game. After all, if the Colts get Luck, it seems likely that I’ll lose much more sleep down the road. That’s just my thoughts on the situation, and that’s the last time I’ll go in-depth with that situation until week 17 (if need be).

Shane Clemons

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