Jaguars Drop Second Straight

There’s a lot about this game that I need to address; so, I’ll get right to it. This isn’t a very good team. I’ll be the first to admit this. I expected the Jaguars to be a lot better than they have been, especially on offense.

To Blaine Gabbert’s credit, he didn’t play badly. He was never really given an opportunity to drop back and pick at the defense, and that’s exactly what I expected. I don’t think it was a bad strategy either. The Jaguars have a solid defense, but their offense is doing them no favors.

My biggest concern going forward is that the Jaguars can’t get in the end-zone. They’ve had 2 touchdowns in 3 games, and the most recent 1 was pretty flukey at best in it’s nature. The simple fact is that they have to find a way to produce points. This is only week 3, but their season is starting to look bleak.

Now I want to address the situation regarding the review at the end of the game. The receiver was tackled in bounds, and as such, the clock was running. They stopped the play for review right as Gabbert was taking the snap. I was personally sure that the clock would start when the ball was marked ready for play, and I was right. Jack Del Rio should have been aware of that, but I understand why he didn’t think it would.

My biggest problem was that no official went to Del Rio and said, “Hey the clock will start when the ball’s spotted if the call is upheld.” That’s all it would have taken, and it didn’t happen. It would have saved the officials and the NFL a lot of criticism. The rule was carried out correctly, and that’s really all there is to it. The entire problem would’ve been solved with some simple communication.

The Jaguars play the Saints next week at home which, in all reality, will likely drop their record to 1-3. The good news is that the division is still very close, especially with the Texans losing to the Saints. Further good news comes from the fact that the Texans play Pittsburgh next week.

Shane Clemons

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