Jaguars have top up and coming assistant coaches

Agent Bob Lattinville, of Premier Stinson Sports represents over 100 pro and collegiate coaches, came up with a list of top up and coming assistant coaches for ESPN’s Paul Kuharsky and two Jaguars assistants made the top 10. Offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter was ranked No. 1 and Matt Griffin, an offensive assistant, ranked No. 10.

What does this mean for the Jaguars? It means that they are well on their way to becoming the explosive team that Del Rio has coveted since being hired in 2003. Koetter’s system showed flashes of greatness last season with Mercedes Lewis’ coming out party and Mike Thomas’ explosive reverse plays.

With the future at QB secure, and the right guy running the front office,  the Jaguars need to do what it takes to secure their assistants for good. The likelihood of Koetter leaving ultimately depends on Del Rio’s success this year, who was essentially given one more shot to get the job done.

The Jaguars could find themselves in a lose/lose situation after the 2011 season. If they have a successful season, Del Rio could get extended again and Koetter could get snatched away to become a head coach. Or the season could be a failure and the staff is whiped clean.

Either way you look at it, the situation is a delicate one. Best case scenario – miss the playoffs narrowly and still keep Koetter as the new HC.