Jaguars’ Offense Just “Meh” As Del Rio Coaches For His Job

After sitting on this for awhile, it’s time for me to write my reaction to the Jaguars’ 17-3 win over the Colts.


Yeah, that’s the extent of my reaction to the Colts win, and here’s why. I never felt, even at halftime, that the Jaguars wouldn’t win the game. The Colts have no fight left in them, and it showed from the get go. They’ve got nothing, and that doesn’t get it done on Sunday.

The Jaguars’ offense started very slow, but it warmed up in the later stages of the game, and their defense was dominate from start to finish. I know this was what amounts to a tune-up game, but watching dominating defense never gets old.

The big story, in my mind, is that Jack Del Rio took his first steps towards winning his job back with the win. I understand that most people around Jacksonville feel/hope Del Rio is gone at the end of the season, but the fact of the matter is that Del Rio hasn’t been fired yet. As long as he’s this team’s head coach, he’ll be fighting to get this team.

I think it takes a 5-3 second half record for him to save his job.

Go ahead, let’s hear the normal “rabble rabble rabble.” Here’s a couple of facts. The expectations from Wayne Weaver have to be lower now than they were when he basically said, “playoffs or bust.” I have little doubt about that. The other factor is, who replaces Del Rio? Jacksonville is a tough sell to any major candidate, and I think Del Rio is still one of the best head coaches in the league. Yeah, I said it.

So, we’ll see in the next 7 weeks if this game had any meaning or not. It’s a win, and that’s what the Jaguars wanted. Enough said.

Shane Clemons

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