Jaguars show interest in California PA QB Josh Portis

Before I say anything about Portis and the Jaguars’ reported interest, I’ll clarify by saying he is not the play action quarterback for the University of California. He is quarterback for the California University of Pennsylvania Vulcans in California, Pennsylvania. I was confused when I first read it so I thought I’d clear that up.

“Several teams interviewed me, and by doing this they really got a chance to get to know me as a person and get a true feel for who I am. Teams such as Green Bay, Kansas City, Houston, Minnesota, Tampa Bay, Jacksonville, NY Jets, and Miami all asked me to sit with them. It was a pleasure meeting with these teams and answering their questions.” – Josh Portis via

Portis is a 6’3, 210 pound transfer from the University of Maryland. He is projected to go undrafted by and, although it is possible that he could be a high priority free agent.