Jaguars Terrible In Loss To Texans

It’s a dark day here at The Jaggernaut. All hope is now gone, lost, done. The Jaguars’ season is for all practical purposes out of commission. Now, players and coaches will be playing for their jobs the rest of the way, especially on the offensive side of the ball. I would still be surprised if Jack Del Rio loses his job during the bye week, but he really has no chance of saving his job. In fact, the only way for him to save his job would probably be to win 7 of the Jaguars’ final 8 games. Not going to happen, and this is why:

Blaine Gabbert sucks. Now, I’m not saying that he can’t get better, but he sucks. His footwork is terrible at best. He comes off of play action and can’t find receivers; so, he pulls it down for minimal gains, sacks, or throw aways. Finally, he has no good players around him with the exceptions of Maurice Jones-Drew, Greg Jones, and sometimes Marcedes Lewis.

The Jaguars defense played, in my opinion, well against the Texans. They didn’t turn in a once-every-five-years performance, but they held the Texans down throughout much of the game, and it still wasn’t enough. Frankly, the Jaguars are relying on their defense to win the game, and that just doesn’t happen often in the NFL. The defense did just that against the Ravens, but the Texans simply had too much fire power.

The notion that Jack Del Rio is at fault is ridiculous. In fact, I hope he lasts the rest of the season. Replacing him won’t help anything, and it won’t help Gabbert, or anyone for that matter, get any better. He’ll be gone at the end of the year, and he’ll carry much of the blame for this teams woes, despite the fact that he hasn’t been given an offense to work with. Happy trails Jack. It’s rough that it had to end this way, but it is what it is.

Shane Clemons

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