Jaguars will address defense in free agency

The Jaguars are not dropping hints that they will sign players on defense whenever free agency begins, they are flat out saying it. There’s no veiled interest here.

“We’ll be very active in pro free agency.” — Terry McDonough
“Jack Del Rio says doubtful that the Jaguars go anything but defense in veteran free agency” – John Oesher
“McDonough says draft might have made more sense to fans had free agency occured before the draft.” – John Oesher

When free agency will be and what kind of players will be available as restricted or unrestricted free agents is still up in the air for the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals, but it’s clear the Jaguars have a plan in place and they will be signing players. We’ll certainly be breaking down the candidates for the Jaguars to sign in the not-so-distant future on this site.