Jaguars Won’t Be “Sh**ing Rainbows”

I was walking today when I ran into my friend John. We naturally started talking about the Detroit Lions and football in general. The conversation quickly turned to Matthew Stafford and finally Blaine Gabbert.

In this short conversation, I brought up the fact that everyone wants to blame Jack Del Rio for the Jaguars’ poor offense, but no one wants to give him credit for the 4th ranked defense in the NFL.

From there, I pointed out that Del Rio is a defensive coach, and he probably leaves the offense more to Dirk Koetter than people want to believe. I said firing a head coach isn’t always the best solution, and I voiced my opinion that Jack Del Rio is more of a scapegoat than anything. That’s when the line of the week; hell, the line of the year was uttered by John.

Firing a team’s head coach doesn’t mean they’ll start sh**ing rainbows.

For all the times that I’ve tried to be rational about hanging on to Jack Del Rio as the head coach of the Jaguars, I’ve never been able to be that concise, to the point, and on target.

Let me expound a little bit here. Jack Del Rio isn’t in charge of getting players to Jacksonville. That’s Gene Smith’s job. I really think he’s done a good job, but the process has been slower than expected.

Jack Del Rio is a good coach. Let’s suspend judgment on him. The whole point is that the Jaguars won’t be sh**ing rainbows just because Jack Del Rio is gone.

Shane Clemons

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