Kampman still not ready

Jacksonville Jaguars DE Arron Kampman is still not ready to play football.  He continues to rehab his knee and has been seen at the team facility wearing a knee brace.  This may seem like a bad omen for the Jaguars defense, it’s really not that big a deal.  He is being held out of games as a precaution.  When he does return to action, it will be on a limited basis.  He will play fewer downs in an attempt to limit his risk of re-injuring his knee and in an effort to get more impact out of him when he is on the field.  Make no mistake, the Jags want him to play, he wants to play, his teammates want him to play & all the fans want him to play too.  Having Arron on the field for gameday makes the entire defense better.  They just seem to feed off of his energy & kick it into another gear or take it to another level.  There is no real timeline for his return yet, but we all know he is doing everything he can to get back in the lineup.  He is known for being a workout warrior & he knows what he has to do.

He is always on the practice field training & pushing himself to get back into his starting DE role with the Jaguars.  His influence on younger players cannot be denied.  Alualu, Knighton, Lane, Mincey & Roth will all benefit from having Arron back at 100 %.  He just has a way of making everyone around him get better.  And better D-line preformance means better linebacker, corner & safety performance.  That means more turnovers, more three & outs and more punts by opposing teams.  The Jaguars are pretty solid on defense already, can you imagine what they’d be like with Kampman in the lineup?  I can.   

I hope to see Arron back on the field soon.  I want to wear my #74  jersey with pride as he clobbers quarterback and stuffs running backs in the backfield.  I, like all of you, look forward to the day that Kampman returns to action & gets his first sack of the 2011 season.  The fans at Everbank will go crazy.  The stadium will rock.  His teammates will feel the electricity in the air & the Jaguars will take control of the game.  And the best part is that he’ll get to do it all over again the next week too.  As a fan of great defensive games & teams, I for one cannot wait to watch it happen.  Kampman is a player that can lift an entire team with his ability to make big plays.  So here’s to you Arron, may you return quickly and may your fist step be even quicker.  Now get back out there & crush some quarterbacks!