Keep An Eye On WR Chastin West

I just got done re-watching the Jaguars, Colts game from this past Sunday, and there was actually a Jaguars receiver that caught my eye. That guy was Chastin West. West, who was on the Packers practice squad, was signed by the Jaguars back in September, and he flashed a little bit of something on Sunday.

West’s numbers were modest at best, only catching 3 passes for 13 yards, but Gabbert missed him on a couple more throws. The impressive part of his performance was how crisp his routes appeared, especially his quick slants.

I know, I know. The quick slant is one of the easiest routes to run at any level of football, but it’s a big facet of this offense that has seemingly been completely absent this year. Hopefully, that’s about to change. The Jaguars haven’t had any dominate receivers or tight ends this season, and any help is wanted in Jacksonville. It was interesting to see that Gabbert was going to West as often as he did. I guess we’ll see if West and Gabbert can continue to develop together as this season begins to wind down.

Shane Clemons

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