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There’s no way to look at the final score from the Jaguars, Patriots game and not cringe. It was an ugly score, the kind we saw in the first half of 2010. Oh, there’s one more thing about it. It meant nothing. Sure, there was a few negative things to take away from the game, but frankly; this game wasn’t about looking pretty. It was about evaluation, and I think we learned a lot.

First off, Blaine Gabbert is indeed a true rookie. He definitely made some nice throws, but he was also caught a few times holding the ball too long. He also threw a pass directly to a Patriots defender who dropped it like a hot potato, but it should have been an interception, and you can’t count on defenders dropping it in the regular season.

We saw that Jason Hill made some nice early receptions. The passes were on target, and he hauled them in.

Deji Karim can still return kicks. He averaged 42 yards on 3 kick returns, albeit, mostly due to an 84 yard return. I would look for him to be the primary kick returner again this season.

Todd Bouman isn’t great, but he’s not being paid to be great. The 39 year old won’t make the final roster, but I’m sure he’ll contribute in practice. He’s always the Jaguars’ go to guy in case they have a quarterbackocalypse like last year, so; it can’t hurt to have him around the team.

The defense still leaves a lot to be desired. Oh wait. What’s that? You’re telling me that a lot of key players didn’t play at all on defense? Oh. Never mind then. Don’t worry about the defense. This isn’t the same unit that will be facing Peyton Manning. They have a lot of time to improve, and we should give them the time they need.

Josh Scobee was 3/3 on field goals with a long of 41 yards. I know they weren’t long kicks, but you still have to hit the short ones, and kickers can use all the practice they can get.

Look, the Colts are terrible in the pre-season, and they always pull it together for the regular season. Don’t worry about the score. This game was all about evaluation, and I’m sure the coaches have a lot to look at. Let this one go, and just be glad it’s football season.

Shane Clemons

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