Let The Anger Begin

I’ve protected this coaching staff the entire season, and I still stand by the Jaguars’ defensive coaches, as well as Jack Del Rio.Dirk Koetter, however, is about to receive the wrath of myself, along with thousands of other Jaguars fans.

The situation is simple. There’s :08 left in the game, you have not times out, and the ball is on the 1 yard line. Obviously, the first play is going to be a pass to the end zone. No doubt about that, and he got that part right.

Now, there was :03 left from the same spot. Your team has Maurice Jones-Drew. Now his my simple call. I’m putting in my biggest players. I’m going into the biggest set I have. The Browns would likely call a time out to make sure they had the right personnel. Then, I would line up again in that same set. I’d hand the ball to Maurice Jones-Drew and let my offensive linemen go straight up against theirs. Best group on that one play win the game.

But no. That’s not the route that Koetter took, and it would have worked had Gabbert thrown the dump off to Jones-Drew out of the backfield. Instead, Gabbert threw over the middle for an incompletion and a tough loss.

The loss should be placed 100% on Dirk Koetter. I’m not saying he’s a god-awful coach, but he screwed up the biggest play call of the game in an unimaginable manner. That’s inexcusable. You have the best player on the field, and you’re not giving him the ball? That’s not ignorance or lack of foresight or anything else that this coaching staff has/can be accused of. That’s stupidity.

Sorry for the rant, but that was a play sent by the football gods for the enjoyment of everyone, and Koetter passed on a golden opportunity to let Maurice Jones-Drew win the game for the Jaguars.

Shane Clemons

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