Let the Safety Debate Begin

Dawan Landry’s signing has been, probably, the biggest event for the Jaguars since Blaine Gabbert was drafted back in April. There’s a debate that’s beginning to take shape, however. Dawan Landry played strong safety while he was with the Ravens, but it’s possible that he could be asked to play free safety this season.

It’s been well documented that the Jaguars’ safety situation last season, for lack of a better term, sucked. Landry will step in and start from day one. Courtney Greene, who I thought really started to come around late in the season, will have to fight for a starting spot, especially if Landry plays the position he’s used to at SS.

The debate here is whether the Jaguars should move Landry to FS. Landry can definitely cover, and it would open up the SS spot for Greene.

I don’t like that.

One of the things that is constantly said about the Jaguars’ defense is that they don’t play fast. If the Jaguars want Landry to play fast, he needs to be kept at SS. It’s already a big enough of an adjustment to ask a guy to learn a new defensive system on such short notice. Landry may make a great FS, but we know he makes a very good SS.

I’ll concede that keeping Landry at SS will create a potential problem at FS. Courtney Greene will have to adapt to a new position, or he won’t be starting for the Jaguars.

Greene would be challenged by Don Carey, everyone knows that, but he would also be challenged by Chris Prosinski, the rookie FS out of Wyoming. I doubt he’ll make a legitimate run at being the starting FS, but he’s a guy to keep an eye on.

It’ll be interesting to see where the Jaguars decide to play Dawan Landry, and that decision will likely determine who he’s playing beside on opening day.

Shane Clemons

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